Natural Anti-Aging Pills To Prevent Low Energy Problem

By: Norwyn Frank

Among 17 million people, at least 31 percent of people in age of 51 reported of fatigue, where the condition of tiredness was not a symptom rather a kind of disease. The symptom of fatigue, in such people, erupted without working for hours. Stress and lack of sleep are some of the factors that induces fatigue but in some people, even after the good night sleep one suffered from tiredness. This was a kind of unexplained lethargy which persisted for many weeks and had debilitating effects on body. In U.S. the problem of chronic fatigue affects at least 4 to 8 people in every 1000 adults and this is more common in women, while, the causes are still unknown.

Some assume it happens due to abnormalities of the brain to peripheral nerve system, poor energy metabolism and poor immune functions. Many seek ways to prevent low energy problem by taking pills or health drinks without getting any results as the condition does not have clear symptoms. One experiences the abrupt feeling of tiredness very quickly or has trouble in concentration etc. It can be a combination of muscle fatigue and brain fatigue, gluten intolerance, liver diseases, endocrine issues, side effects of medicines etc.

Fruits and vegetable based foods are advised for people who suffer from conditions like gluten intolerance. Ashwagandha is one of the herbs used in natural anti-aging pills such as Sfoorti capsules used to prevent low energy problem. It helps in sleeplessness, neurological problems and stress. It is especially useful for sleep issues caused by gluten intolerance and it can restore the energy levels of body. Ashwagandha is used in case of different types of celiac conditions where the small intestine is damaged due to gluten intake. The damage to small intestine which causes immune disorders can be prevented by taking herbs such as ashwagandha and Kudzu.

Kudzu or Pueraria Tuberosa has properties to mitigate migraines and hangovers. It contains certain bio chemicals which preserves health and has anti aging effects. The herb was tested on aging women where it showed cognitive enhancing effects in menopausal women. The attention span, flexible thinking and motor speed increased on taking the herb. It was tested on mice in laboratory where its intake was able to increase bone mineral density. It improves glucose metabolism, decreases fasting glucose levels, and improves glucose tolerance and insulin tolerance levels. The root extract can increase nitric oxide release from macrophages and was effective in immune stimulation. It has protective effects on liver where the 90 mg per kg of the root given to laboratory rats along with high alcohol was able to reduce inflammation, fatty liver buildup and liver serum enzymes.

Herbs, in general, have capability to reduce oxidation and inflammation of liver histology due to the presence of antioxidants. Shilajit is another ingredient in the natural anti-aging pills, which can prevent low energy problem as it offers bio available mineral extracts that can be easily absorbed into the blood. Kesar i.e. Saffron and ashwagandha are the herbs in natural anti-aging pills - Sfoorti capsules that prevent stress induced fatigue symptoms. These herbs protect brain cells from oxidation and have anti aging effects.

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