Natural And Safe Ways To Make Vagina Tighter

By: Jack Henrik

It is a paradox of sexual intercourse that friction is necessary for heightened stimulation but too much causes pain. When a woman becomes sexually excited there is increased flow resulting in engorgement of tissues in the genitals but at the same time there is also an increased flow of lubricants that help reduce friction. If the vagina is loose then it cannot grip a male member tightly enough to generate the required friction. A tight well lubricated vagina enhances pleasure for both partners but if you have a loose vagina neither you nor your partner will be able to enjoy the act. There are natural and safe ways to make vagina tighter and gain enjoyment from the sex act besides keeping it well lubricated. Of the many formulations available, ayurvedic natural way to tighten and lubricate vagina immediately preceding coitus Aabab has been found to be perfect.

Of course there are other natural and safe ways that help bring together vaginal walls for heightened pleasure. One way you can do this is to bring together your thighs during the act after intromission has taken place. Better still draw up your legs and cross them together tightly and this will make your vagina grip his penis quite hard, heightening enjoyment for you both. How long you can hold out in this position is another matter. It also restricts you to a couple of specific positions. Free, unfettered lovemaking is helped by the user of vaginal tightening agents made up of ayurvedic herbs chosen specifically for their astringent and lubricating properties.

There are dozens of ayurvedic herbs that are astringent but they also have other effects such as irritating the delicate inner lining. Only two herbs, mayaphal or oak gall or manjuphal and Dridhranga have the desired properties of lubricating and tightening vaginal tissues immediately. In addition they are antibacterial and enhance libido too with overall systemic long term effects. Aloevera, babool, arjuna, katha, raw bananas, hibiscus, lotus and akarkara are a few of the other astringent herbs but they contain other compounds rendering them unfit for use on the delicate mucosal lining.

Another natural and safe way to make vagina tighter is to practice yoga and exercises specifically targeting your pelvic floor muscles. It takes months for results to show up. Yet another natural and safe way to make vagina tighter is through a minor surgical operation. This could present some discomfort for some days. In case of the former, you can start a program for long term benefit and in case of the latter, think carefully and get an expert opinion before you decide. In comparison, ayurvedic pills that you insert moments before coitus are naturally safe vagina tighteners, lubricants and desire enhancers. Regular use of this pill containing Dridhranga and manjuphal has shown that the vagina becomes naturally tighter over time and you feel like a virgin to him as he experiences more friction and better lubrication down there.

Natural and safe ways to make vagina tighter are inexpensive, contribute to marital bliss and make you feel more fulfilled so would you continue with a loose vagina or take immediate action to make both of you happy?

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