Natural And Safe Cure For Chronic Constipation Problem

By: Benton Recon

Chronic constipation is a common problem, and more and more people complain of pain while passing stool. The feeling of bloating, irritation, discomfort and pain accompanies chronic constipation. Although experts believe it is normal for a person to have bowel movement three times a week but ayurveda recommends a regulated bowel movement to prevent various other health conditions because the problem of constipation can have severe impact on the functioning of other body systems. It has been observed that with age the problem of constipation grows and therefore, it is important to cure it at an initial stage. Natural and safe method for chronic constipation problem as given in ayurveda involves taking natural compounds that can reduce dryness of bowel and prevent infections in the digestive tract for improving bowel movement.

Arozyme Capsule offers natural and safe method for chronic constipation problem and it is a widely used cure that improves bowel movement by improving water retention in bowel. It provides effortless management of constipation problem and prevents inconvenience caused by bloating or flatulence. It reduces abdominal pain or inflammation, and also works to improve the functioning of liver. The capsule is a stress reliever that can be taken in condition when constipation is caused by poor gut to brain communication.

There are a number of causes that are linked to the problem of constipation, which can be regulated by changing lifestyle and eating habits such as -
1. Poor intake of fibre
2. Taking high amount of refined grains or cheese
3. Inactivity
4. Stress
5. Neglecting the urge to go for bowel movement
6. Dehydration
7. Medication
8. Medical condition
9. Ageing
10. Malfunctioning of glands
11. Colonic inertia
12. Pelvic floor dysfunction

Natural and safe method for chronic constipation problem involves increasing intake of phytocompounds that can work as laxative and reduce the problem of constipation.
Some of the natural methods that can reduce constipation are -
1. Increasing dietary fibre intake
2. Taking whole grain diets instead of refined grains
3. Increasing intake of fruits and vegetables
4. Using psyllium seeds
5. Using laxatives
6. Doing regular exercises or yoga
7. Meditating for reducing stress

Dietary fiber intake should be increased to improve movement of bowel in the gut. If you increase the amount of fiber instantly, it can cause bloating sensation which can be reduced by slowly increasing the amount of fiber in diet. People who suffer from excess bloating can try different types of high fiber diet to see change in the level of bloating. In certain cases, the fiber intake can cause problems due to scar in intestine or adhesions and may be advised to be avoided.

People who have poor gut-to-brain control need to relax their minds and divert attention towards various other activities to prevent instant effects. Natural laxatives soften bowel to promote its movement in the gut. Some laxatives put pressure on intestinal wall to constrict it to make the bowel move. A proper combination of different types of laxatives can provide the best results to reduce the problem of constipation. Natural and safe method for chronic constipation problem as provided by Arozyme Capsule contain the best combination of laxatives and nerve calming herbs that improve bowel movement and reduce the symptoms of poor signaling from gut to the brain.

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