Natural And Pre-Meditated Out Of Body Experience

By: Abhishek Agarwal..

Out of body experiences are more often than not preceded by lucid dreams. Such experiences are common happenings when you are asleep or in a state of semi-sleep and slumber. Of course the experience of astral plane may occur at other times too. In all these states the common factor is that people with disturbed sleep experience more of Astral Projection in comparison to those having sound sleep. Disturbed sleep could be caused by physical exhaustion or mental anxieties.
Natural Astral Projection - Near Death Experience More often than not people suffering from physical or psychological traumatic conditions involving incidents like accident or surgery experiences natural astral projections. Viewing oneself as an outsider from an altogether different plane is the essence of near death experience. Apart from the traumatic situations, extreme stress factors might also result in such astral travel on part of the subject. An example could be feeling of weightlessness after a heroic run.
Pre Meditated Out Of Body Experience Achievement of pre-meditated astral projection is accomplished using the astral techniques. Such techniques are used to induce out of body experiences. One of the popular methods is mental induction. Mind remains alert when the body is asleep and it causes you to experience the OOBE. Users include some prominent personalities such as Thomas Alva Edison who used the state whenever he confronted some major problems relating to his inventions. Many others like Sylvan Muldoon, Salvador Dali, and Robert Peterson also used similar astral techniques. Going deep in to the state of relaxation one would eventually encounter a stage of astral feelings. Progressive relaxation is a passive form in representing the sensory deprivation for many neurologists.
Remaining Physically Asleep and Mentally Alert Practice of lucid dreaming could take you to a state when your body is asleep but the mind is awake. Astral technique of this type makes it easier for the subject to learn the out of body Projection. Responsibility of the dreamer is to give direction to his or her dreams to an OOBE direction by banishing the dream imagery altogether. An idea state for sleep paralysis, the state is ideal for out of body experience.
Alternate OOBE Methods People use varying astral techniques for out of body experience. Thus trance, meditation, and visualization are all accepted methodologies for achieving the feat. Only requirement for the user of the techniques is high level of concentration and dedicated labor. It becomes difficult for those who cannot easily relax to accomplish these tasks. Golden dawn body of light is an example of successful implementation of the relaxation methods.
External Induction Process External inductions are often carried out using the mechanical tools. For instance, the brainwave synchronization could be achieved using audio-video stimulants. Brain wave frequencies could be tapped conveniently in the people having physical sleep with the mind remaining alert. Mind wake beta frequencies could be extremely useful in achieving the desired results. Rites, rituals and religious functions may also enhance you receptivity to other worlds.
Some other popular methods are magnetic stimulations, sensory deprivation, and electrical stimulation. Ultimate goal in all these cases is out of body experience. Role of the mechanical tools is that of catalyst expediting the process of experiencing astral projection.

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