Natural Acne Cures

By: Samson Willerbey

Sooner or later, every one will suffer from acne and may even try home remedies to treat acne as a final option. Many just find natural treatments for this irritating problem more useful. Avoiding on shelf products that have so many unnatural ingredients, home remedies are more affordable but a yet a good way of getting rid of acne.
The most effective acne home remedy is to take in of a lot of water, good vitamins and lastly enough exercise. By doing this you clean all the toxics in the body and condition the skin. The combination of the three does take time to start showing results, but it keeps the face acne free for longer. Easier techniques can be applied to the face to stop the spread of acne and work almost instantly. You will find that what these treatments are made simply from things found in your kitchen.
Toothpaste is the most famous form of acne home remedies. As soon as you see the zit, you can use toothpaste to prevent it from growing in size. The spot will also be dried out by the toothpaste. It is wise that you do not squeeze the zit before you use the toothpaste on it. A mark will be left if you do pop it beforehand.
Besides toothpaste, fresh mint applied to the spotted skin is also great. Combining mint with turmeric powder can increase the healing of the pimple. The pimple will become smaller as soon as applied. To avoid yellow stained skin wash the mixture off after a few minutes.
Many feel that lemon juice is a great way to get rid of acne. Lemon helps dry the pimple. It also helps take away dark marks left by the pimple. Because lemon dries out the spot, it might dry out the skin as well. It may leave the face feeling rough and hard. To prevent this, you should always use a light day cream on your face afterwards.
Vinegar and salt found in your kitchen cabinets is also a great acne remedy. These ingredients are not only good for certain dishes, they work miracles to prevent spots. Salt heals very well. Vinegar is quite strong so therefore, it needs to be washed off after a while.
Using cucumber daily on the face is also great for curing acne. Cucumber has a lot of water in it and is really refreshing. Mash the cucumber up and spread on the face generously. This might be best to prevent an acne attack, but if you do have some pimples already, don't hesitate to use it. Garlic can also be an awesome cure of acne. Although it has a strong smell, garlic helps pimples disappear. The fresh garlic needs to be crushed finely and put on each spot. It need not be placed on the entire face.
To stop yourself from spending a lot on products that might work, it is much safer to try home treatments that are so much better and clean.

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