Narrowing Down Floor Color Choice

By: Sarah Carlye

When you choosing a color for your cement floor, you can choose a floor color that is neutral and will go with just about any color. These neutral colors can be soft or bright. You can also choose a bold, brilliant color that will catch guests’ attention when they walk into the room. It is your call what type of color you will choose.

For a neutral floor, you still need to decide if you want to go dark or light. For a general rule of thumb, a small room should have a light floor to keep an open feeling. A large room can go darker and it will maintain intimacy and coziness. Both light and dark colors can be combined when adding a design to the cement floor. Some cement flooring designs include these options:

• Etching
• Staining
• Texture
• Faux finish
• Paint

For a floor that is bold, bright, and colorful. You can start with an inspiration piece that can be colors in a pillow, a piece of furniture, or material swatch. Some people may even something else for the inspiration piece like a unique vase or piece of furniture. When using a large object if you can’t choose concrete colors in your home, get material swatches or paint chips to take to the contractor to match the color to and bring in a photo of the inspiration piece. Colors in a photograph may not be an exact match and when sending a photo on the Internet, different monitor screens may show the colors at different resolutions and may not match the true colors.

Once the color or colors are chosen, you can then decide on the type of cement floor you will have. If your cement floor is in pretty good condition you can have your cement floor contractor do the minor repairs. For damaged cement floors and cement floors in poor condition, other options like overlays or floor removal may need to be considered by you and your contractor.

Once your cement floor is finished you will have a durable, easy care floor that can be left as is or you can add decorative and warm rugs around seating areas. To find out more about cement flooring and to find a contractor to meet your cement flooring needs, go to Cement Floor Solutions. You can get a quote, contact a cement floor professional, and read informative articles at

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