By: Tomlin Rezar

I have often wondered how many people sign into an online business, expecting to make a huge success out of it, but after three months or so they seem to give up. There are many reasons why this might be, some of which may be a lack of initial success, or discontent with the program, or being shaken by the apparent impression of overwhelming competition, or not having enough time to put into the business.

Many internet entrepreneurs have tried the online wealth creation game, with its many avenues such as ebay, online book selling, gifting, etc, just to give up after a month or two. The main reason why they give up is because of the age old get-rich-quick syndrome. No matter how much they tell themselves this is not a get rich quick scheme, they seem to give up when they don’t get rich quick.

Internet businesses can never succeed unless there is a consistent, constant effort to make it work. There are tremendous opportunities out there, such as the Independent Profit Center program, or “IPC” as it is commonly called, examples of which are WebWealthCreation and StreamlineCashFlow. These systems are a proven method, something that really works for those who want to create wealth on the internet and make their money online. Financial prosperity and financial freedom can indeed be attained by these great programs.

But nothing will ever work unless the internet entrepreneur puts in at least two hours a day into the system. Two hours a day amounts to fourteen hours a week—not much time to make quite a handsome sum of money. People typically get paid $10 to $30 an hour, but with the IPC program internet entrepreneurs get paid $200 a sale or $60 a sale, which, when done on a consistent basis eventuates into these amounts being made on autopilot. Initially the internet entrepreneur may put five hours a day into it, which accelerates their success rate. But even at that success rate they should still put in the average 2 hours a day into the business.

Slowly but surely, and sometimes with happy spikes the online business takes off and goes into almost an uncontrolled mode of making money online and creating wealth for the internet or website business owner. Unfortunately many quit before they reach this stage. I would guess that the internet is somewhat flooded with newbee internet entrepreneurs, but they soon jump ship, get off the bandwagon, and leave money on the table for those who consistently and incessantly push forward with their business.

The key is “Never quit.” Winston Churchill once said “Never, never, never QUIT.” Because of his “Bulldog mentality,” which earned him the title of being the Bulldog of England, he and Great Britain were able, alongside the allied forces—especially the United States, to defeat Germany, Japan and Italy. Today those defeated nations are more western minded—friends of their former enemies. Thank goodness for a Winston Churchill who would “never quit,” or “never give up.”

Internet entrepreneurs who want to create wealth and make money online can learn from this simple phrase how to translate this principle into accomplishing financial freedom and financial independence. Those who never quit will certainly succeed in being financially independent. Creating wealth or making money online is only for a select few—you guessed it—for those who don’t give up. Even if all the internet money making newbees never give up, there is such a staggering number of internet users wanting to make money on the internet, looking for a system that runs on autopilot, that every single one of them will be successful. Yet they give up before they enter the success zone.

Success is not attained overnight. A system that really works will not work if you don’t work the system! On WebWealthCreation and StreamlineCashFlow there are five hours of training each. These videos were created by Dan Miller, who is a guru on automated money making online. He teaches the internet entrepreneur step by step how to do it. The teaching videos serve as an online mentoring program which are so easy to understand that almost anybody can do it. However, not anybody can think up these principles by themselves.

When I was going through the program I was thinking, “These principles are so common sense.” Yet I was also thinking “I could never have thought these things up by myself if I had to just fend for myself. I needed a man like Dan Miller to take my hand, mentor me and take me into the realms of success…” That is exactly what these videos do for you.

Dan Miller is so confident that his program will make real money for you that he offers a $5,000.00 reward if you don’t make money. The catch is that you must first put his principles into practice. Once you put these principles into practice, you WILL make money online. You will create wealth online and be well on your way to financial freedom and financial independence. So forget about getting that $5,000.00 reward. Say goodbye to the $5,000.00 reward and say Hello to tens of thousands of dollars over your lifetime You will make that $5,000.00 over and over and over again if you never quit and stick to the program.

Welcome to the club. I hope you will not give up on your dreams. Get into a good internet money making program, stick with it, don’t give up and kick that monster of lack and poverty out of your life. See you at the top.

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