By: Catalina Igor

Nowadays many people live in big cities, where the air and water contamination is high. The lifestyle is stressful and unhealthy for the organism. This affects, beside other organs, especially sensitive skin, which is the biggest organ of the human body and vitally important for many of its basic functions such as the immune system. Air and water contamination, combined with a hectic and unhealthy lifestyle are causing constant stress and irritation for this sensitive organ. Acne, eczema, folliculitis and even neurodermatitis have become more frequent. From time to time the skin needs a rest, something to give it back its strength and elasticity.
Natural skin creams work on the skin in an overall balanced way, without drying it out or causing rashes which are common for some cosmetic products. Despite all efforts made by experts it was so far not possible to copy Nature's unique compositions even in the most famous biotechnological laboratory. Nature keeps its way to a perfectly healthy, flawless skin a secret.
Different kinds of skin irritations can be treated with organic skin care products as they are the most authentic and excellent remedies available. It protects, renews, and above all regenerates the skin without leaving scars behind. The skin is optimally moisturized due to biological ingredients that are optimal for human skin structures and provide a homeopathic skin care.
Natural skin care has a lasting antioxidant effect, which means it helps maintaining a perfectly healthy skin and keeps it from aging. Also it will reduce the occurrence of bacterial skin infections on body and face (scalp folliculitis) leading to all kinds of acne such as the inflammatory or non-inflammatory type.
Benefits that Nature provides
* Support for the antibodies of the immune body's defense.
* Recognition and destruction of damaged, dying or necrotic (dead) tissues.
* Recreation of new, healthy skin stem cells for renewal of the skin.
* Proliferation of all its healthy structures which helps to regenerate new skin cells.
* Complete regeneration of the skin and conservation of its health.
* Anti-aging effect and fresh looks.
Experts say that biological ingredients are the most efficient and balanced resolution for most kinds of skin abnormalities such as acne, psoriasis, melasma, eczema, rashes or intertrigo. Overall protection, renewal and moisturization of the skin are provided on a biological basis.

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