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By: Ingrid Sure

Well, Myspace has seemed to have taken off by leaps and bounds when it comes to the business view of it all. Many people have joined Myspace over the years and it is even getting national sponsors and recognition from shows like MTV and VH1. Myspace has also had many reviews since its birth by bloggers and writers who are giving it thumbs up as well as thumbs down with some of the recent additions to the site. Myspace is meant to connect friends, people, families that live across the country and perhaps even the world, together. It is one persons dream to make this site the top when it comes to keeping people connected to one another.

Over the years, Myspace has added an instant messenger and even is now running promotions on bands, movies, and shows that are coming to air on the radio, TV screens and the big screen. It is neat to see what the different templates they can think up to show on their main page but it can get quite annoying when it comes to computers who are slow. Computers that are running still on a 56k modem or have a Pentium II have to site and wait for a good 7 Ė 10 minutes before all the graphics can load and the user can login. Most people just want to login check their mail, talk to another person in those 10 minutes and be done with it due to how people are normally in a rush. The templates look great, Myspace, but it would be a lot better if they didnít take such a long time to load on a computer. Thatís just good web-making.

Another thing Myspace is known for besides its huge amount of people signed up in the site, is the technical errors galore and the band pages. The errors can hit anytime when using this site and normally consist of a lovely message saying ďA technical error has occurred and has been forwarded to the Myspace technical group. Sorry for the inconvenience.Ē That little message gets old real quick when you only have a 30 minute lunch break and wanted to quickly look at your profile as to see if anyone messaged you. At times a person canít even login to Myspace due to these errors and a person would think they can be fixed after one shot. Nope. Just seems they come with the membership.

For the band profiles on Myspace, it seems like itís a god-send to many local and upcoming bands for ďgetting the word outĒ about their band. It is a good move on both a bands part to freely publish some music to new listeners as well as Myspace. People love music, and musicians love to play. Seems it would be a win-win for Myspace and a band. The only thing is Myspaceís music player takes longer to load than Winamp does. Why must everything take so long?

Well the answer to that can be found with a site dedicated to demystifying the bugs and Myspace all together. This site is known as Spaces-News. Itís a great site that dabbles with avid users of Myspace and people who are not personally logged into the network giant. They compare Myspaceís acts to other sites as well as if Myspace is going to go under or not. Recently they have found that Myspace has copied some functions from the video sharing giant, Bad form Myspace way to be original. Spaces-News is filled with informative news about Myspace and other gadgets that are found on the internet.

For the moment, thereís no way to sign up and add comments on You can only read the posts and interpret them. Some of them might be true while others are just black-hearted. So, if you donít want to take the wrong decision, you must know how to identify the most relevant and disruptive of them. Spaces-news provides you with the headlines ranked by bloggers. The more blog posts quote a news, the more visible the news will be. The top headline is simply the most relevant news you can find about MySpace-like websites. Therefore subscribing to its RSS feed is probably one of the most efficient way to keep an eye on MySpace ecosystem. Recently, they have post The World Map of Social Networking Sites. In the US, the story of social networks is this: there was Friendster, which had no purpose but dating and didn't scale; then Myspace, which gave people freedom to make ugly personal websites; and then came along Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook, which was classier. Unsurprisingly, social networks, which let people share news, photographs and other content with their friends, benefit from network effects. A dominant local site, such as Hi5 in Romania, can hold off the competition because it's the default, and nobody wants to migrate to another site, however much more advanced, if their friends won't follow.

So, if you want to sign up for Myspace or other place that networks people and you want to find out more about it just take this advice: go to Though this site is very new, it has a huge potential and is only looking to grow over the coming months. Who is to say how fast though, a short hop or by leaps and bounds when it comes to how big this site will get. Itís a great place to gain news and have a laugh from the authorís statements. Just try it and you will surely make the right choice.

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| More provides you with the headlines ranked by bloggers. The more blog posts quote a news, the more visible the news will be. The top headline is simply the most relevant news you can find about MySpace-like websites.

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