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By: Robon Reshe

With digitization ruling present-day communications, the reliance on emails is higher than ever. The email is now the de facto tool behind almost every business exchange. Therefore, the need to make it more secure and reliable is by far greater than ever before.

The SMTP email server is pivotal in determining overall emailing efficiency. It works in the manner of an outgoing email service ensuring effective email delivery between organizations and individuals. Different SMTP servers, however, may vary in capabilities and complexities, but the underlying purpose remains unchanged: transferring emails securely.

By default, the SMTP server comes from the ISP. Generally, ISPs are good at providing steady SMTP services except when the device location is outside of the native network. Thatís when ISP-centered SMTP services are little help.

A Free SMTP email server is much better equipped for emailing on the go. Free SMTP services donít tie to any ISP services in particular and establish steady connectivity regardless of location and/or device constraints. A free SMTP email server like Mysendmail, for example, works just as good on a laptop, smartphone or tablet device as on a fixed PC system, even in the most ISP-vulnerable zones and locations.

Mysendmail free SMTP server works independent of your ISP. For example, if you move away from your ISP, Mysendmail would pick your emails directly off the email clients in use, like Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo etc. without any kind of ISP support.

After extracting delivery-centric information such as designated recipients and your current email client, one of the multiple SMTP server connections established by the free SMTP server program would deliver your mails to their recipients. It doesnít matter what ISP or network provider is in use. The multiple connections are a backup against broken email ports. Even if port 587, the most preferred email port, is down, there are alternate ports to fall upon.

When it comes to security, Mysendmail has the most advanced encryption features ensuring highly secure email transfers. Every outgoing message is encrypted end-to-endóright from the point of sending to the destination. Furthermore, every user account has a unique access known only to the owner.

So how you do you set up Mysendmail to be your SMTP email server?

All you need is signing up free for a Mysendmail user account. Register your email client and check out the prescribed settings for your device from the setup. Follow the instructions and in no time youíd have set up Mysendmail on your device. Next, login with your Mysendmail account details, and enjoy emailing no hold barred!

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