My Niche Is MySelf

By: Jeffrey A Solochek

When I first built a web site for myself I wanted a blog where I could write about everything that happens in my life. Now my interests are business, marketing, computers and life but these four items are the sub niches of my main niche of myself. I used Drupal for my first blog site because it wasnít just a blog engine like Wordpress. The only reason why I think a lot of people use Wordpress is because ofr the fact that whenever you put a up a new post or do some editing of your blog that it automatically pings all of the major blog directories. All the other platforms like Drupal offer a ping module that will do the same thing however
I made the mistake of asking several internet marketers to critique my site and almost all of them asked what my target audience or my niche was. With Drupal I was able to use wBlogger to automatically post articles I had written to my blog. It is supposed to do the same thing for Wordpress sites but everytime I try to do this I get an error. wBlogger is a desktop software a[[lication that allows you to write articles while not online and then post them to many different blogging platforms.

At first I didnít care what everybody thought and I just kept my original Drupal site but as time went on and I was looking to create an income on the net I changed hosting providers and I created three new sites using Wordpress for each one. One of them was for posts regarding business while number two was just for marketing ideas and the third was for everything else. Because I wasnít able to automatically write my articles while offline and then post them to my blogs the new sites are not being updated as often as they should be.

The chain reaction with all of this is now I am getting a lot less visitors and my Google rankings are less than half of what they used to be. Because of other things that have been taking up my time lately I have not devoted the time to go online and update each blog. Back when I had one site using Drupal things were a lot easier. In the past I would always take a little time to create an article using wBlogger every day. Everybody in todays society has a different interest and it takes a lot more work hunting trends to find out whatís hot and whatís not.

Does everybody have a dozen or so different interests and is each one an entirely different niche? Does everybody create a separate blog for each of these niches/interests? Does anybody think like I do and just want to have one blog where they can write about everything in their lives. Why canít we just have one main site and just have a different section for different types of articles:? I could then have a section for business, another one for marketing and a different one for just general things that happen in my life.

What happens when one article has business, marketing and life all in the same article? Do we post to this to each site? Will we then get penalized by Google for using duplicate content? Is there a solution that answers every question all in one place?

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Jeffrey A. Solochek grew up in WhiteFish Bay, Wisconsin but now resides in Brunswick, Georgia. He is an established authority on his niches of life, business, and marketing. Mr Solochek has a lot of great experiences and he writes about everything leaving out any sugarcoating. All his writings containsNo BS, No Fluff

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