My Husband Thinks My Vagina Is Too Big For Him, What Should I Do?

By: Jack Henrik

If your husband thinks your vagina does not grip his member tightly as it once used to do, the pleasure of sex decreases considerably and could be a cause for disappointment. A tight grip increases friction and stimulates nerve endings resulting in pleasure during sex leading to intense orgasms. Biologically, prior to and during the act there is an increased blood flow to the genital area that causes swelling of the vaginal walls and a resultant tight grip that heightens pleasure. However, in some cases, even this is not enough to ensure a tighter grip as the muscles become loose after childbirth or due to menopause. Looseness in that area can not only cause dissatisfaction but will also hinder proper climax for both so take immediate action with herbs that have immediate effect.

You can try kegel exercises and specific yogasanas that will tighten the abdominal muscles and muscles of the pelvic floor. This is a long term remedy. While you get started on these, for the short term, you will need something that will have an immediate effect on your vaginal muscles and cause constriction to grip his member sufficiently hard for pleasurable intercourse for both. The best solution is to use a vaginal pessary made of ayurvedic herbs known for astringent and tightening properties. A readily available ayurvedic remedy is Aabab tablet. Insert it a few minutes before intercourse and you will feel like a virgin to him. It is magical in its effect, causing immediate tightening and enhanced pleasure for you two. Ayurvedic herbal remedies are safe, effective and do not have any side effects, either locally or on your entire body. Even allopathy recognizes the power of herbs when it comes to immediate tightening of loose vaginal canal prior to intercourse.

Ayurvedic formulations designed to tighten the passage and heighten sexual pleasure contain specific herbs with astringent qualities. Two such herbs with highest potency are Oaknut and Dridhranga. In addition to being natural astringents, these two are antibacterial and natural lubricants as well as enhancers of desire.

The most effective herbs used in ayurvedic formulation to tighten the passage are Oak nut or Majuphal and Dridhranga. Majuphal is astringent, antibacterial and a lubricant. Dridhranga increases sensitivity of tissues, is an antibacterial and a lubricant. The active ingredients are extracted and dried naturally. Place one tablet in the vagina minutes for intercourse and it will work wonders for your sex life. Your husband will be impressed and will fall in love all over again! The wise wife that you are, you have taken the right action. Some wives would have advised their husbands to go in for penis enhancement, a fruitless exercise!

There are other herbs such as tea, which contains natural tannins and astringents. Katha is another astringent as is the bark of babool but they also contain irritants, a reason for not using them in formulations for tightening loose vagina. Alum is an inorganic chemical that tightens tissues but has adverse side effects. Dridhranga and Majuphal (vital ingredients of Aabab) fit the bill and deliver results and orgasms beyond your expectations.

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