My Husband Complains That My Vagina Is Big And Loose, What Should I Do?

By: Jack Henrik

‚��My husband complains that my vagina is big and loose, what should I do?‚�� is a frequent plaint one comes across on forums giving sexual advice. Ayurvedic has the right answer to your question.

If Ayurveda has herbs that can cure cancer surely it has found a herbal remedy to tighten loose vaginas. There is a general impression that ayurvedic herbal remedies take a long time to show their effect. In this case, however, the effect of the herbs on your vaginal tissues is instantaneous. Within five minutes of application of the herbal in the shape of a pill, you experience a tight feeling down there, a rise in your sexual excitement and lubrication. The magic ayurvedic herbal remedy (Aabab) to tighten vaginas is sold worldwide to millions of women. Couples enjoy conjugal bliss and come closer to each other when they use herbal solutions to immediately address looseness of vagina and engage in highly enjoyable intercourse.

The active ingredients in ayurvedic herbal remedy to tighten vagina are Dridhranga, a known astringent and antibacterial, and Mayaphal or Manjuphal or Oak gall. Oak gall is an astringent, antibacterial, larvicidal and anti-inflammatory. In the long term Oak gall has a positive effect on restoring elasticity of vaginal walls and uterine walls. The right way to use the herbal ayurvedic pill to tighten vagina is to insert it in your vagina five to ten minutes before intercourse. The pill is water soluble and dissolves. The extracts are absorbed by the walls and you will feel its effects immediately.

Other herbs that have astringent properties are aloe vera, babool bark, katha, barley, beans, asparagus, apples, tea, arjuna bark, bibhitaki, green bananas, shankha pushpi and lemon. You can apply lemon juice, tea infusion or apple juice on your skin for astringent effect but not inside the vagina since the tissues are highly sensitive. Dridhranga and mayaphal are ideal in that they do not cause irritation or pain or discomfort when applied to the sensitive mucosa of the vagina.

If your husband‚��s happiness in matters of sex is important to you and if his chief complaint is looseness in your vagina resulting in lack of sensations, ayurvedic herbal remedy gives immediate effect. There are no side effects or damage; on the contrary, some of the compounds are easily absorbed in the mucosal lining and contribute to improved long term sexual health and libido. Pop a pill inside and each time you come together, he will delight in the way you hold his member tightly down there and cause him to reach the acme of pleasure. You too will be delightfully surprised at the enhanced pleasure you derive from such a simple resolution of a problem that caused you anxiety and stress.

Can I use this ayurvedic vaginal tightener all the time, you may ask. You can. However, it is in your interest to have a thorough gynecological exam, start a regime of exercise and yogasanas and practice various positions to raise your and your husband‚��s enjoyment to greater levels.

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