My Favorite French Food

By: Charlie Reese..

The French are certainly famous for their cooking. In America, when you visit a French restaurant, chances are that almost every dish on the menu has achieved fame in the culinary world. Dining at a good French restaurant is a delight in just about anyone's book.
If you go to France, it's a whole different story. Unless you're very wealthy, you can't be dining at such landmark restaurants as La Tour d'Argent and Taillevent. However, either walking or using the excellent Metro system, you can discover many reasonably priced restaurants which cater to Parisians and offer famous French dishes not often found in American French restaurants.
Architecturally speaking, these restaurants and bistros are often housed in buildings dating back to at least the 1600s. Wrought iron detailing, hand painted ceilings, stone walls and charming tables with fresh flowers, ah yes. Certainly a nice atmosphere in which to get down with some famous French food for your evening repast!
There is nothing quite like Beef Bourguignon prepared by a French cook. This famous French food staple is truly a classic. The sauce is a fabulous experience on the palate. I conducted considerable research, with an eye to obtaining the secret of this delectable French dish. In addition to being a master of sauce making, the preparation of the mushrooms and the specific brandy used may be clues. Recreating these famous French foods is not as easy as one might suppose.
Pistou may not jump to mind as a famous French food, but it certainly is in France. It's a seasonal soup, served only in early fall, when the fresh ingredients it includes are at their peak. There is no such thing as pistou without basil, an essential ingredient. When you see Pistou advertised on the lunch menu board outside a bistro, you'd better get right to it. Arrive too late, and it's sure to be gone.
Here in America, when we get croissants, they're usually in a box in the freezer section of the supermarket. In Paris, this would be a scandal. Anywhere you go in The City of Lights, you're never further than two blocks from a bakery. The bakers begin their baking around 3am each day. Baked goods are produced twice daily. This is why the chocolate croissant got on my short list of famous French food items. Heavenly with a cup of coffee for breakfast.
Much as I love French cuisine, escargot (snails) will never pass my lips. Just a thing of mine. Nonetheless, escargot is one beloved and famous French food. Escargot does have an interesting history. During the French revolution, poor people had no choice if they wanted to eat. Reportedly, the garlic butter sauce was invented to drown out any objections from your palate.

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