My Best Dressup Games Experiences

By: Carey Last James

As a perpetual shopper I'll admit that I am more than a bit obsessed at times with the clothing styles out there and how they suit my lifestyle and personality. I want to look good and to feel good in my clothing and so it's a personal goal of mine to pull outfits together that do exactly that. My best dressup games experience, however, was not one you'd expect. I wasn't at a fancy shop or even in the mall. I was in a consignment shop associated with a donation center. I was shopping very much off retail.

And I had a blast doing it.

Dressup Games at Goodwill

There are so many different stores that resell items we've donated. I know that personally I've donated huge amounts of stuff that had plenty of life left. I moved them out of my closets and cabinets and into the donation boxes hoping that someone else could get some use out of the items once I was finished with them. So far I haven't been disappointed. But then I realized that this could work both ways. Not only could I give items to others to get some use out of, I could go browse though the items of others to find things I could use and get a bit more life out of. I was going to play dressup games at Goodwill.

To start the dressup games, I grabbed a wad of cash that I'd earmarked for some new clothing items. Most resale shops take cards and even checks, but cash is safest since you just never know. With my pocket burning with spending money, I headed on to the store to see what sorts of treasures I could find.

I skipped over the socks and underwear. I glanced over at the household items but decided to pass this time since I was here for dressup games not house decorating. But then the racks of cheap, fun clothing stretched in front of me.

I started with dresses since they are so simple. I found some adorable mini skirts and one long summer dress for under $10 each. Then I moved into the tops and found a few that would be great with jeans. I kept digging for hours and at the end of the day I'd spent my $100 dollars and walked out of the store not with a pair of jeans and a top the way I might have from other stores I like to visit for my dressup games, but with over 20 different items.

Loving Dressup Games

With steals like this, it's hard to remember sometimes that I used to shop retail. And I still do sometimes, but it's much of more an adventure to play dressup games at the resale shops. There's a lot of polyester to get past, but dig a bit deeper and there are some real treasures to be found.

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