Must-Have Auto Accessories for Family Travel

By: Chris Robertson

When traveling with the family, there are a few things you should never leave behind. Your car, van or SUV can get messy in a hurry if you don't plan ahead and organize, at least mentally, before you leave your home. Whether car trash or the kids' small toys, items can build up in your vehicle within just an hour or two. Luckily, there is an auto accessory to help combat almost every problem that can occur when you travel with kids.

Avoid Car Litter

Car litter can build up with just one stop at a convenient store or restaurant. Imagine a family of four, each with a drink and snack in hand every time you exit a store or restaurant! This equals at the very least six to eight pieces of car trash just for one stop. If you're taking a long 10-hour trip, that could equal about four or five stops and about 30 pieces of car litter!

To help combat car litter, take along a car accessory made specifically for storing auto trash. This could be a small auto trash bin or two (for vans) to hold trash until you can get to the next store or restaurant. When you arrive at your next rest stop, you can empty the auto trash bin to prevent spills, leaks, and bad smells. A good car accessory for car litter might be a litterbag, plastic auto bin, or cloth litter bag. Plastic car litter bins often work best because they will not retain smells and are easy to wipe clean along the way.

Prepare for the Traveling Munchies

It seems kids are hungry and thirsty every hour on the hour when traveling. You can prepare for these traveling "munchies" and save lots of money by taking along some auto accessories for snacks and drinks. Take an ice cooler along and pack it full of can drinks or bottle drinks, juice bottles, or even milk. Have it readily available when the kids cry, "I'm thirsty!" When you compare the prices of buying packs of drinks at a local grocery to buying individual drinks at a convenient store, you'll see a tremendous savings.

Also, organize snacks in advance. Take along snacks that are easy to eat and will not melt or leave excessive crumbs. Pack the snacks in individual baggies or small lunch pouches for each kid before leaving the home. Keep the snacks handy so you can hand them out as needed.

Prevent Messes and Spills

Another must-have auto accessory is a sturdy car console. Car consoles enable the driver and front passenger to store their drinks and snacks without the threat of spills and splashes. A car console can hold regular-sized soft drinks, cups, coffee mugs, and even sometimes auto cassettes or CDs and other small items.

Travel Toys and Games

When you travel with kids, you're likely to have toys and games to keep them occupied. Give each child a bag or plastic storage container to keep his or her games and toys organized. Let him or her know that every toy or game must be put in its container after use. An auto accessory that works great for storing small toys is a plastic auto bin. These can be used for car trash or toy storage.

Other auto accessories that can make travel with kids more pleasant, safe, and fun include an auto emergency first aid kit, portable DVD players with headphones, car seat storage bags, lap trays for coloring and drawing, seatsaver mats, baby mirrors (attachable to seats), sun-block window shades, car seat covers for sun/heat protection, travel pillows and blankets, and compact auto organizers.

With the right auto accessories, your family trip can be enjoyable, clean, and safe!

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