Mud Jacking Techniques for Home Foundation Problems

By: Carmelo Middleton

Foundation fix for someone's home is usually only thought of in times of an emergency. The home owner may be sitting in his or her living room when they spot a crack in the wall, or in more severe cases, they see a huge crack in the bricks on the outside of the house. This is annoying to say the least.
Often one's home is their most expensive investment. Occasionally foundation problems are discovered upon the home owner desiring to sell the house and buyer has employed an independent inspector. time are even more crucial because the own is trying to sell his/her home fast whilst making enough for a deposit on another house.
How can one fix foundation problems? Some call professionals and some do it themselves. Pros use many different strategies and strategies. Mud jacking is one process employed by foundation experts to fix foundation issues. There are 2 systems of this this technique: filling the void and raising the interior floors.
Filling the Void
Often times, foundation issues in certain parts of Texas are the results of the fringe of the foundation settling. When building a home concrete piers are installed under the perimeter grade beam. The first attempt to fix the difficulty is by employing industry tools to return the house to its original position. After the readjustment, a void is generally made under the main slab.
Professionals then use a "mud jacking" technique to fill this void. This is done by drilling 2" holes thru the perimeter grade beam surrounding the house and pumping a mixture of soil and cement grout into the void. Then the holes are filled with a liquid mixture of soil/cement grout.
Raise Interior Floors
In other scenarios, the interior portion of the slab could have settled. Mud jacking is used to raise interior floors is accomplished from the inside of your home by drilling 2" holes through the slab in the areas that have settled and pumping a mixture of soil/cement grout under the foundation. This technique uses a stiff mix of soil/cement grout and is regularly related to more advanced foundation problems.
Although it sounds easy enough, this can be a fragile and concerned process to do in the right way. Being familiar with the common land issues around the area and thru in depth experience, the process can become second nature to seasoned professionals.

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