Most countries use logo of their own

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This article will be telling people about the direct difference in a logo design and a normal icon of a company. Normally icons and logos are termed as the same things by different people. But if we go in depth than logo design is something different and icon is something different.
From the definitions found on Google search engine, it’s found that Icon means, a famous religious figure or any other figure that can influence people. This definition is not related in any sense with the meaning of the logo design. And in computer systems icon is normally pointed to that graphical figure used on the desktop by any software. Icon is a leading figure and so does its purpose on the desktop.
If we see the meaning of Logo in dictionary then we will see that logo is defined as the trademark or emblem of a company. If you who make logos to make an expert company brand for your company you can rest assured that your thoughts as well as the main focus with which you want to make the company brand will be taken care of. Similarly, a 100 % free company brand manufacturer has many drawbacks as compared to expert company brand creating. To use a 100 % free company brand manufacturer you will need to spend a lot of time to make the company brand on your own. Additionally, the results will not look expert as there are only limited number of pre-installed symbols, shapes and icons that you can use and they limit the amount of imagination you can use while creating a company brand. By using expert help for development of your company brand you ensure that you will get quality output that will meet your requirements and the company brand will be attractive enough to draw attention. The company brand becomes important part of organization's corporate as well as expert image. Gives the company its own unique identity in its company field. Assists Company in building a good impact in front of its customers. The company brand is so developed that it looks on any medium it is used, be it print media such as newspapers, t-shirts or online publication like website, newsletters. The expert company brand is simple but developed in a manner that it speaks about the company and is memorable.
So, in reference to both the terms, comparing both can lead to different values. Icon leads to a prominent noun. A person can be an icon for some colony. On the other hand logo can be depicted by the presentation of a graph, a graphical structure that can be the face or identification of a company, organization or even a country.
Most countries use logo of their own. This logo can range from the feathers of an eagle to diverse pictures like the logo of Congo.
Pros and Cons:
Logo and Icon both have different pros and cons. For example, logo design of a company cannot be a person or a leader of that company because logo is meant to be the identification mark of that company. Like the mark we use see on different products. For example, Toys R US products have their own product mark that tells where that product is bought from.
Similarly, Icon of a company has its own positive and negative points. Icon of a community cannot become its logo. But a logo can be made on the icon of that community. A good example is of Michael Jackson, he is an icon in music industry. But he is not pronounced as a logo in music industry because he is a human being and work in that industry. However, music companies can make their logo with the picture of that icon on its face.

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