Most Common Mistakes In Web Design

By: Joanna Rivera

Fascinating web designs are the arrest of the human eye. Good web designs exert some influence in creating a favorable image in public. Pursuit to create interesting designs site land often make mistakes, to act as a catalyst damaging the image. The success of a company depends mainly on the strategic concerns of determining the target to which the products are covered. Websites designs are made keeping in mind the needs of visitors and benefits thereafter by the site. The whole design of the site that this is a news, entertainment or business site should have the ability to retain visitors for a long period. A good website design rich content has an ability to attract more traffic.

It is essential to keep off guard, to make mistakes in order to provide trouble-free operation of the site.

Some errors in web design are enlisted below:

Excessive use of graphics:

The use of graphics should be minimum, because heavy graphics will download web pages slowly. Slow downloading speed tends to drive potential traffic. It is advisable to reduce the size of graphs and provide an ALT text accordingly. It is also recommended to use GIF files and other files. Graphics also pose an obstacle for the robots of search engines to index a web page smoothly and, therefore, it is not SEO - friendly.

Disorganized Website:

Web sites that are far from easy navigation to traffic is safe to return to the race. The links must be set so that visitors can navigate smoothly through the website. In addition, it is important to respect to avoid using graphics that are obstacles in access to the site. Web templates provide the same presentation from one page to another are very friendly. A good organization to invite more and more traffic.

Use of fusty Content:

Content refers to the company, its products and services. More content is unique, short and easily understandable for the visitor is no longer the race traffic. Avoid spelling and grammar. Stale content and the old must be replaced with fresh and new content to attract visitors.

Use of Heavy Banner:

Banner takes a long time to load, because it is a graphic image. Heavy hide banners and links that visitors may miss information. Use words in the banner that relate to products, services and display the top or bottom of the website is a wise thing.

Using Hit Counters:

To promote the site, Hit counters are on line proof that the number of visitors to a particular website. The display of the most popular hit counters to show their expertise and competence in trade in winning the trust of millions of people. However, it is wise for new and small businesses to use Web sites offline hit counters so that visitors do not see it and make a friendly image.
Relationship problems:

The use of complete lines of text link-able or click here to the declarations of the visitor's browser must be avoided. The links must be easily legible, visible and keywords in the text must be highlighted and extent of linkage.

Complex backgrounds in Web Designs:

beautiful and ornamental style of base is very confusing to the human eye. Improper use of the combination of color in designing a website revealed unpleasant for visitors because they can barely understand the types in the web pages.

Use of Bad Fonts:

Use of multiple fonts of various sizes and types of distortion is very visible to the visitors. Unequal use of fonts is hard for visitors to find the type clumsy and unreadable. He, however, recommended to use italics, bold or color words that should be highlighted.

Excessive scrolling:

Use the scroll web pages both horizontally and vertically, is proving to be very eventful for the visitor. Minimal use of scrolling is necessary to arrest visitors, it is easy and smooth operation.

The use of large forms:

Long web pages with too many unwanted materials are not inviting for visitors. Up areas and equipment to the average size of Web pages to make it presentable.

Use full flash in a web page:

comprehensive flash based web site poses an obstacle for the crawlers of the search engine to index the contents of a web page. Websites fail to position in the ranking in search engines listings.

Use of Pop Ups:

Pop Ups annoy the visitors. Unwanted pop ups fail to attract the attention of researchers.

Arresting design of the site to exert a powerful driving more and more traffic. Avoid holes circulation ensures loyalty to a website.

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