More than Sea Fishing Tackle, It is the Fisherman’s Attitude That Counts

By: DanPartridge

The sea fishing tackle that a fisherman uses is not everything when it comes to success in fishing. The attitude by which he approaches the sport of fishing counts even more than his gear.

Is a fisherman’s excellence in the sport of fishing entirely dependent on the quality of his sea fishing tackle? Most anglers are quick to say that a fisherman’s performance is only as good as the quality and the condition of his sea fishing tackle. That is why it is always advisable to keep one’s fishing gear in tiptop shape. Even if the tackle is not the best available out there, its being well-maintained makes up a lot for the quality it is supposed to lack.

But certainly, it takes more than just the sea fishing tackle being used to determine the success of one’s fishing trip. Technique counts as well, and technique can be learned as a fisherman chalks up more fishing experience out there at sea. However, technique is not all of it either, and neither is it luck. A fisherman’s attitude in how he approaches the sport counts a lot in the success of a fishing trip.

A fisherman with a good, positive attitude towards the sport is someone who is enjoyable to fish with. He is someone who anticipates a good catch right at the start of the trip, and sudden changes in weather do not get him down. If he does enter into a competition with his companions on the fishing trip, it is always in a friendly spirit, without any arrogance or animosity involved.

Another trait of a fisherman with a good, positive attitude is that he comes prepared on a fishing trip. All his sea fishing tackle and gears are in good condition. His hooks are sharp, his reels are oiled properly, the lines he is using are strong and far from fraying, and such. He is very much aware that if he keeps his sea fishing tackle in sound, working order, fishing would be more fun to him, and his fun would infect the people he is fishing with.

The sea fishing tackle box is something that a fisherman with a good attitude towards the sport takes seriously. His tackle box is always organised and all his tools and gear are stored in there properly. He knows that having an organised sea fishing tackle box prevents possible headaches during a fishing trip and can even prevent accidents.

He also knows very well that the fish he is supposed to catch are very smart and very wary. Thus, he makes sure that he does not scare the fish away by dressing in sombre colours whenever he is out fishing. He keeps his noise and his conversation at a minimum to keep the other fishermen on the trip from being distracted. He also avoids making sudden, jerky movements that can spook the fish away. Most of all, he does not grumble at his lack of a catch. Neither does he blame others for his bad luck during the fishing trip.

So, it is more than just the quality of the sea fishing tackle that makes a fisherman successful in the sport of fishing. More than the quality of the sea fishing tackle he possesses, it is the mindset with which he approaches the sport that makes the difference.

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