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By: kristiambrose

When it comes to the Internet, new things are always being developed and produced. In this case, the Social community known as Bebo which has been launched by AOL is one of the newest programs available. The Bebo Social community already has well over 22 million unique users! Wow, this is more users than FaceBook! And almost as many users as Myspace! Most of us know that Myspace is a HUGE community. But Bebo is much different - and in its own right!

It can be used in many areas including Ireland, Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, New Zealand and Australia. A Polish version was launched a while back, which uses a distinct user database. In the last month or so it has also launched in other areas as well such as Germany, France, Italy, Spain and the Netherlands. This community is a lot like Myspace and a few of the other varying social networks available out there - but obviously it is also unique.

One of the main differentials is that this one site can be used as one stop shop to keep track of ALL your friends on other networking sites like Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, Delicious, Twitter, AIM, AOL Mail, Google Mail and Yahoo! Mail. It's like a one stop shop for ALL your programs you belong to.

This is pretty cool and incredibly useful. I don't know about your friends but with my friends - every single person belongs to a different community and you are always the one traipsing around trying to keep up! Well, now you don't have to. Simply join up with Bebo and keep track of everyone in one single place! By the way you can also have a lot of fun on Bebo too.

Each profile must include two specific modules, a comment section where other users can leave a message, and a list of the user's friends. Users can select from many more modules to add. By default, when an account is created the profile is private, which limits access to friends specifically added. The user may select the "Public Profile" option so as the profile will still be visible to any other members of a school they may have joined.

Profiles may be personalized by a design template that is the Bebo background of the user's profile, known as a Bebo skin. Bebo offers three privacy levels: public, private and fully private. Public profiles can be seen by any user, except that profiles of users younger than 16 years are seen only by logged in users.

Private profiles are seen only their friends and members of any school or college they have joined. Fully private profiles are ones that have not joined any school and so only their direct friends can view their profile. If a user chooses the 'Public' option, they can also set age restrictions on whom can contact them. Age restrictions do not apply to direct friends.

Bebo also allows a user to set their photos to private, so only friends can see them and can stop others from copying them too. They also have Bebo Music, Authors, Groups, Mobile, IMing, and much more. You have to figure that they would probably have all the same options as the regular sites since all the sites would be inter-mingling with each other!

Obviously some other programs and websites include that of Myspace, Facebook and Moli. But Bebo is unlike all the others because it incorporates ALL your social networking accounts into ONE!

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