More Babies - More Fun and More Work

By: Bruce Danos

Babies are lovely but not too many of them in one go. Considering that multiple births are becoming more common, it is better to be prepared to handle your children when they arrive into this world.

Fertility treatments have resulted in multiple births fast becoming common. The mechanism behind these treatments is such that at times more than one sperm inseminates a single egg. Although, in usual cases, the result is the formation of one zygote that eventually becomes a fetus, in certain cases this method also results in the formation of several zygotes. Once the zygote starts developing into fetuses, the doctors can easily identify that the pregnancy is going to be abnormal.

Sometimes, individuals faced with carrying multiples face the decision to abort one or more of the zygotes to ensure the others survive to term. Very rarely are multiples carried to term, especially the higher the number of developing babies the mother is carrying. This choice is difficult and often painful, but must be looked at in the best interest of the other children. Instead of carrying five, six, seven, or even eight babies to term, doctor often will ask the parents if they would like to abort a specific number of zygotes to ensure the health and safety of the rest of the babies.

When faced with this decision, speak with a number of doctors, as well as clergy and other individuals that have experienced your situation. Once you have made a decision, stand behind it fully and either opt to have the procedure or to take the risk. The choice is yours and your alone to make. You should not feel guilty or compelled to have or not to have the procedure by your doctor.

If you are carrying multiples, you will be advised to go on bed rest at some time during the pregnancy. Generally, multiples are not carried to term, and doctors try to stop labor as long as possible. It's best to take care of any necessary business before your doctor restricts your activity level and confines you to bed.

Before the children are born, begin to set up a nursery. Ask friends or family members for any pieces of furniture or other baby items that are necessary in a nursery. Look to thrift stores or yard sales for finding items at a reasonable cost. You are most likely to need more than one, and your budget can be used up quite quickly.

You will need all the help from your friends and family to take care of more babies when they arrive. As it is, you will need time to recover from pregnancy and birth. You can't possibly run a household and care for all the children all by yourself. So, it's best to make proper arrangements well in time. Both the parents may have to take time off work for a while in the beginning. However, sooner or later both of you will have to go back to work, so you should think of other arrangements as well.

Having more than one baby is a great blessing, but also a great deal of work. Ensuring a good bit of planning is done before the babies arrive will lessen the shock of these new individuals into your home. As they grow, you are certain to find special delight in each and every one of your children.

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