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By: Adrien Brody

Breast enlargement pills, while met with some skepticism and reluctance, are actually producing some excellent breast enlargement results in women. There is a reason they are increasing in popularity and recognition - they work, and they work well on many women. The key is finding the right breast enlargement pill for your body type, chemistry and lifestyle.

The breast enlargement pill. It seems to be somewhat of a buzz word, if not still a little taboo to talk about, since there are still so many skeptics and nay Sayers who refuse to believe that any pill can enlarge a person's breasts. They are the ones that say only surgery can enlarge the female (or male) breast. While this degree of skepticism is understandable, it quite simply is not true.

There are many women out there who have successfully enlarged their breasts anywhere from one half to one and two cup sizes (and even more in rare cases), by utilizing a breast enlargement pill. Take Chinese women for example. According to the American Cancer Society, China has the best breast health record worldwide. China's traditional medicine does not promote the use of mammograms or synthetic (man made) hormones such as Hormone Replacement Therapy for women lacking estrogen balance in their body as we do.

Chinese women actually have numerous methods for breast enlargement and breast beauty, and it is not such a taboo subject as it is here in the U.S. Special herbal teas help increase circulation to enhance breast firmness. Herbal patches are used as well as therapeutic breast massage, acupuncture and magnet therapy for healthy breast development and maintenance.

You can actually find several Chinese beauty shops that offer breast beautification and enlargement services such as breast stimulator machines and herbal creams and tinctures (formulas) to enhance bust size. It is clear that Chinese women are more open about desiring beautiful breasts and/or enlarging their size or enhancing their shape, but they are also much more willing and open to employ natural methods than have surgery, since traditional Chinese medicine has employed the use of herbal remedies and special natural methods of healing.

Breast enlargement pills can take two forms. One is the more common of the two, and that is the herbal breast enlargement pill. Herbal pills actually rely on phytoestrogens, or plant derived estrogens, to facilitate stimulation of the mammary glands and produce a swelling of the breast tissue.

This method works for many women, but there are some guidelines to follow, and they do not always work on every person, since it depends on the person's body, metabolism, and general interaction with the phytonutrients in the pill.

The second type of breast enlargement pill is generally classified as "non herbal" in nature, and may employ a variety of methods to enlarge the breast by stimulating the gland responsible for breast development more directly, or by stimulating healthy cell regeneration. These types of pills may be animal or plant based, depending on what type you choose.

The consensus seems to be that women generally respond to the non herbal breast enlargement pills better than herbal, although some women may actually respond to a comprehensive blend of herbs better than a non-herbal preparation. Again, this really depends on the individual's body type and body chemistry, their daily diet, and a host of other lifestyle habits and biological differences.

Whatever method you choose, whether is be surgery or not, breast enlargement pills can really be an excellent surgery-free option to women desiring breast augmentation. Not only that, it can help "put some extra padding" on women who currently do have implants, to create a more natural look, feel and contour.

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