Moral MLM Marketing: How You Can Use This Sensational Technique To Ethically Build Your Biz

By: WarrenSmithMT

Can it be done? Can you be ethically and morally market your MLM business and still make money?

Maybe in the past you've felt like you're selling your soul in order to make a sale in your MLM business?

I don't mean that you're actually dealing with the devil - and I sincerely hope you're not doing that... but you somehow feel that, in the course of attempting to convert your prospect to a rep, you are dealing in deception.

Marketing and sales have always felt that way to me too. I felt that in order to sell whatever product I had, there had to be some sort of angle. It seemed there was no direct and ethical approach to sales.

I've been subjected to "up-selling"... that nefarious activity of selling an item and then notifying you that it needs all these other add-on items for it to actually work.

The "bait and switch" technique has angered me on many occasions too. You get offered one thing -usually a spectacular offer to get you in the door - and then once you're there, they require that you buy more to qualify for the spectacular deal.

Where's the integrity?

These kinds of tactics drive me absoultely nuts. And they're why I have always had an aversion to selling... anything.

Likely it's happened to you also... many more times than you care to remember.

So how do you ethically and morally market your MLM... and still make money?

I'll let you in on a secret here...

You're not selling anything but YOURSELF... and if that lacks moral or ethical balance, your MLM biz will never succeed.

Products don't matter, comp plans don't matter, corporate leadership doesn't matter...

If you're not a moral and ethical leader that your prospect identifies as someone worth following, they'll find someone else who is!

Yes, you need to have a product and company that your prospect identifies as valuable, but without strong moral LEADERSHIP, your prospect will probably join someone else who provides that basic need.

How do you fill that basic need?

1. Build a relationship first. Prospects need to feel that they are important and that you care about them and their success.

2. You need to offer training and upline support that they identify as valuable. This means you have to be able to show them a re-produceable system that they can easily implement that will give them fast results.

When you stop selling your products and opportunity and start selling YOU - your leadership ability - through creating a relationship where you are helping solve the other persons needs, you will have reached the point where your MLM business can finally take off.

No one wants to follow someone who doesn't care about their success. If you're leader just wants sign-ups and then moves on to the next and forgets about you, would you join them again?

When you build a downline of leaders, your MLM business explodes! If you just sign up rep after rep who becomes another statistic in the 97% who fail, you're constantly searching for more reps.

I would rather have 10 leaders in my downline who understand how to build relationships, than 1000 reps who are sitting on their butts because they don't have the first clue how to teach their reps how to succeed.

You don't have to sell your products any more. You don't have to feel like you're compromising your ethics in order to succeed.

Morally, your success comes from caring about others. Your success comes from their success.

Warren Smith

Get Ahead In Life Marketing Group

406 490-2556

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