Monsters and Myths - The Search Never Ends

By: Gen Wright

When you are a child, have you ever been mystified by the vast number of stories about monsters? You may be exposed to all kinds of stories about scary monsters. But most of those monsters usually come from fairy tales or your own imagination. As you grow up, you learn that they are not real. Still, for some, the nagging question on the existence of monsters still exist. So they carry on the search for monsters.

Monsters myths and legends.

There are so many stories from so many different sources that sometimes, it's hard to tell what is real, and what is unreal. Usually, stories about monsters start from unusual sightings. It could be a sighting of a rare animal, or even a sighting of the silhouette of an animal. These sightings are commonly described as frightening, and they are weaved into interesting stories and reports and shared with others.

Here, we have a potential myth or legend in the making. Over time, as the stories get passed down from generation to generation, they become real. People start to believe in the myths and legends. Often, the myths become more powerful as storytellers add their own figments of imagination to the stories. So as the stories get passed on from, they become distorted and skewed to such a stage that it's impossible to separate fact from fiction.

Many of these stories take place in destinations that are remote and desolate. For example, you often hear stories about monsters in thick forests, snow mountains, etc. Remember the Yeti, or bigfoot? These monsters roam such places. And these also happen to be places where human investigations are almost impossible to take place.

There was a documentary that showed a man traveling to these remote areas to investigate myths on monsters such as vampires and werewolves. Their work brought them to some of the most remote places in Asian countries. When they reached the destination, they set up camp and put out their monitoring equipment. Their equipment included cameras and lights. The place was deserted, with no human beings living in the area.

In fact, the experience was a scary one for the entire investigation team. They had to monitor their surroundings in pitch dark, using only their torch lights for visibility. They stayed up all night, taking turns to monitor the cameras and scouting the surroundings for movements.

One member caught sight of an animal darting across his path. He caught in on his video camera, and he immediately chased after it. But in the dark, they quickly lost the animal.

When they went back to the labs, they approached professionals to show them footages of their video. All they saw was an immensely huge furry animal darting across the path. It was so quick that they couldn't even take a good look at the animal. It could have been a werewolf, or it could have been a very big dog.

The documentary ended leaving the viewer guessing. After all, that's how myths have always worked. The search for monsters never ends.

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