Monologues on Abortion

By: Michelle Anne Jones

Lately, I have been writing about the good, the bad, and the ugly about the once again controversial issue that is abortion. Since I have been writing about negative stuff these days, why don't we touch on a lighter subject. Here, I have included four of the most involved groups when it comes to the said subject. We have the anti-abortion activists, the women's rights and pro-choice activists, the pregnant women planning to get abortion, and the fetuses that are about to be aborted. I'm sure that we can all agree that these four groups indeed have major roles in the abortion issue. Now what? Well, I've been thinking about the random thoughts that cross their minds every day. Are you curious too? Can we assume to know some of those thoughts? Of course, we can.

The anti-abortion activist

This evil, wretched thing has to stop sooner rather than later. Why women keep on engaging in this sinful act remains a riddle to me. Don't they know that they are murdering an innocent soul? What they are doing is murder. Murder! These pro-choice activists do not know what they are fighting for. They think they are advocating for pro-choice, but they are only teaching women to end innocent lives.

The women's rights and pro-choice activist

These anti-abortion activists should stop being so selfish. They only think about their values and threats about hell and damnation. Well, they have to know that that woman heartily eating her burger has a different set of values from her friend over there. They should get over themselves and start thinking about practical solutions for women's predicaments. The choice on what to do with their bodies is always a part of women's rights. Everybody has to know that.

The pregnant woman planning to get abortion

Am I doing the right thing? What am I doing here anyway? This place smells like alcohol. What if the doctor makes a mistake and I get complications and I die? But I have to do this. I can't be pregnant right now. I just can't afford to be. I might even die if I continue this. No, I don't care whatever happens to me in that operating room. I need to get rid of this. I'm so sorry, baby. I think you're better off in heaven than to suffer beside me.

The fetus that is about to be aborted

Okay, this is it. I can feel the pressure now. Why is my mother abandoning me? Maybe she doesn't love me enough. I won't have to see her face. But if I can't go out into the world, where will I go then? In that place Mom calls heaven? Will I roam the earth as a baby ghost? That would have been cute. I know I will be a cute baby. Will I be floating in nothing? In the void?

So, will those reactions pass as real? Before anyone throws violent reactions to this article, just know that these are my own reflections based on the materials I have read about abortion and the things around. These are honest observations turned into fictional monologues.

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