Monitor People's Activities with a Keylogger for Mac

By: Max Taiger

REFOG Mac Keylogger is the ultimate computer surveillance tool for anyone who uses a Macintosh. This powerful keylogger for Mac allows you to monitor absolutely anyone who is logged onto your computer. You do not need to be present at all, although it is almost every bit as effective as standing behind the person using the computer and looking over their shoulder. It records every key pressed on the computer's keyboard, allowing you to read, for example, emails sent, chat messages written, websites visited and much more. In addition to providing the ability to record each and every keystroke, REFOG Mac Keylogger also takes screenshots at periodic intervals (you can choose how often you want this to occur). This allows you to have a complete visual history in combination with the text-based logs. Everything is conveniently arranged in chronological order as well, making it easy to find the information that you seek.

REFOG Mac Keylogger is an exceptionally secure and user-friendly solution. It runs hidden in the background and no one even needs to know that it is running. So long as you only use the software on your own computer, you can do whatever you want with it. The program does not show up in the list of running programs and, even in the unlikely event that someone does detect it running in the background, the keylogger cannot be closed down or have any of its settings modified without specifying the mast password. In order to access the controls, the computer administrator simply needs to enter a keyboard shortcut and then enter the master password. Once that is done, they will be able to enjoy full access to this powerful program and its rich set of features. While in operation, the keylogger for Mac uses minimal system resources and does not cause any slowdowns or instability for your computer. Additionally, all of the logs recorded are safely stored in a hidden location on your hard disk.

If you are looking for the ultimate monitoring solution for your computer, then you won't be disappointed by REFOG Mac Keylogger. Its ease of use also means that it is well within the understanding and capabilities of even inexperienced computer users. If you are wondering how the keylogger for Mac can help you or what it can do for you, then consider some of the following options. REFOG Mac Keylogger allows you to monitor those using your computer as though you were physically there watching them. This allows you to keep an eye on your children while they are spending time in front of the computer and on the Internet, for example. With all of the dangers and inappropriate content out there on the Web, it is more important than ever to monitor children closely online. You can also use REFOG Mac Keylogger in the workplace to ensure that employees are using company IT resources appropriately. You can even use it to catch a cheating spouse! The possibilities are endless. Learn more at .

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