Mole Remedies: Common And Popular Treatment

By: Ted Johnson

The basic form of getting rid of skin tags diagnosed as moles is surgery. Many people, however, prefer home mole removal to having surgery. There are health risks associated with mole removal at home, but it is still the preferred method for some individuals. Before reading more about mole removal it is important to understand that serious health conditions may result if inadequate mole removal is performed at home rather than by an experienced professional.
Do not try to remove a mole at home if the skin tags are malignant or even look suspiciously malignant. On the other hand, if your medical tests show that that the mole is harmless, home intervention becomes a viable possibility.
Natural cures that have been used successfully to remove moles include castor oil, fig stems, garlic, pineapple, cauliflower, vinegar, and honey. Different methods call for different applications. The most common way to proceed with home removal is to rub the remedy solution directly on the skin affected by the mole. Cauliflower juice is said to loosen the skin so that it will naturally peel away. Pineapple juice can be used in the same way. If using garlic, make a paste and secure it to the mole by using a bandage. Leave the paste on overnight. Castor oil can be rubbed on moles. It is said to take time, but it is believed that with the application of castor oil that the mole will eventually disappear.
Vinegar is applied several times a day for mole removal. First, wash the affected area with hot water, and then apply vinegar allowing it to set for ten minutes. Rinse the mole with cold water and pat the skin dry. You will find that some moles are more easily removed than others. If a home mole removal doesn't work on a particular mole consider surgical removal.
It is time to stop all home removal treatment if the nevus becomes inflamed or aggravated. Under no circumstances should home treatment of the mole continue. Get medical treatment. Keep in mind that home mole removal treatments take time. You can never be sure of how well any one remedy will work on any individual.
Because of this unknown factor your success with home mole removal may differ from time to time. Never try home remedies for mole removal on children. Children should not have their delicate skin exposed to the harsh removal solutions. For your child's safety get a medical opinion. Do not ever attempt to treat a child's mole on your own. Seek medical advice.

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