Mobile Phone Marketing Strategy

By: Mel Joelle

Marketing can be a difficult process, but when marketing a mobile phone, the process is made easier. Today's busy lifestyle has made it next to impossible for most Americans to coordinate anything without assistance from a mobile phone. Selling the idea that a mobile phone is more than an accessory is not a difficult thing when presented correctly.

Imagine a big city, where it makes more sense to rely on public transportation than to wrestle with traffic. Imagine trying to make an appointment, or pick up a child, or get to work on time, only to discover that you've missed your connecting bus by a minute and you'll now be an hour late. Now picture having no way of being able to tell anyone that you'll be late because you have no mobile phone and can't find a pay phone. What if the lack of communication means that you lose your job?

Let's try a simpler idea. What if you'e out of the house alone, and you get hurt but have no phone? How long before someone finds you? Or what if someone is trying to hurt you and you need help?

Even in a tough economy, that would be enough to scare anyone. Now the target consumer understands that they need a mobile phone, that it's not a luxury. It can make all the difference. Sometimes it's a convenience, but sometimes it's a lifeline. Once they start to see it as a necessity, the questions change. How much do the phones cost? How much does the phone plan cost? How can I fit it into the budget?

After the consumer has accepted the need for a phone, marketing becomes slightly more difficult. In most cases the consumer will want a cheap phone, and now marketing turns into a negotiation. Telling a consumer who barely understands how to operate a desktop computer all about the phone's 4G capabilities and GPS tracking systems will only confuse them. In those cases, emphasise quality. The point of a mobile phone is to have reliable communication in a crisis, but if you buy a phone with a short battery life that gets a lousy signal, it's almost as bad as having no phone at all. Some less than tech savvy consumers will understand the idea of signal strength, but some won't.

Marketing is the selling of an idea. Any idea can be sold if it is put in terms the target consumer can understand, and analogies are easy for most people to understand. Find out what sort of phone would best suit the consumer's needs, and defeat the cheaper competition with an easy to understand analogy. The idea to sell is the difference between bargain brand aluminum foil, that tears far too easily, and the high-quality stuff that you can use to wrap shards of glass. Even someone with little technological understanding will be able to see the difference between a second-rate phone and something with an actual warranty if it's put like that.

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