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By: Mel Joelle

With the technological advancement of many devices today, many people are relying on these devices to help with their everyday living. A person does not have to stand in line now to pay or bill. They do not even have to stand in line to purchase items. All of these things are made possible by using the internet. Whether they are using the internet on a desktop or even on their cell phone, they can make all of these things possible. But while the era of the mobile phone age was booming, another part of the communications was in need of a spark.

For many years now, companies have relied on giving their customers surveys. This is a way for them to be able to see what is liked about their products as well as other products that are out on the market. But with people having so little time with being able to participate, the companies had to come up with a solution. The solution that they came up with was to use the growth in mobile technology to their advantage. Hence, marketing mobile research was created in established, answering their needs.

The marketing research industry created this form of communication because it was hard to reach out the community like in the past due to the use of mobility allowing the consumer base the ability to perform everyday functions with the need to go to certain places anymore. The researchers decided that they needed to come up with a unique plan to win over the consumers. They did this by using the growth of Smartphone’s and PDA’s to their advantage. One of the positive factors about using this method is that the researcher does not have to depend on place and time. In the past, the researchers had to give their surveys to a certain market at a certain time. Now, with the mobile devices, they do not have to do this.

There are four methods that can be used in doing the mobile survey. The first method is the independent push study where you do not need context. This study can be in the form of an SMS message or and MMS message. The next method that the researchers can use is called the push study with context. The researcher bases their need for feedback based on the location of the respondent. The third method is called the context pull studies where advertisers put a number on something like a receipt where the participants call in their selves to do the survey. The final method is the pull studies that have no relation to market research. When dealing with mobile marketing research, you will be dealing with the independent push study.

No matter what survey you happen to be a part of, they all have the same agenda. And that is to know the feedback of the person or group that they are surveying. With the increasing fast design of the mobile industry, the respondent will see more and more surveys coming to them through their cell phones or PDA’s in the future. Hopefully the data collected will help the many respondents participation in the future.

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