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By: Mel Joelle

What Makes Mobile Web Marketing Different?

Mobile internet marketing strategies for businesses, corporations and companies are still being explored as technology develops, new methods are expanded upon, and options for business websites on a mobile platform continue to emerge. The biggest difference in the mobile web, and the web for desktops, boils down to bandwidth, screen size and resolution. This requires simplifying, streamlining or downsizing web pages, content and graphics for optimized experience on mobile handsets.

Optimizing Websites for Mobile Marketing

While it should be noted that all the typical rules of SEO and search engine marketing still apply to the mobile web, websites can be changed and/or marketed on the mobile web in a few ways.

The easiest way is simply to rely upon something like Opera Mini, a mobile web browser, to “shrink” the website into viewing compatibility on a given mobile device. The website isn’t changed; the browser simply enables mobile viewing, which has been modified in layout on the desktop site to lend itself to this kind of mobile change. While this is extremely simple; requiring minimal change or effort, there are some cons to it. For instance, because the layout and design of the website is reformatted and/or adjusted according to various resolutions or browsers, there is still a lot of content that is being downloaded that will potentially not be seen, and/or take a long time to download. Simply allowing the browser to determine how the website fits the screen does not, in the strictest sense, make the website as mobile-friendly as it should be.

A more common option is to build a separate website strictly for mobile web usage. This allows for streamlined content, enhanced user interface and interactive experience, and faster download times. As the mobile web increases to develop, and as more users gravitate to the use of mobile web on a regular basis, mobile websites will become more and more important. Sites that are left to simply allow the browser to downsize the resolution will seem antiquated.

A mobile website also presents the ability to adjust to a front end mobile application or site API in the future, should this be part of future mobile internet marketing strategy. More and more brands are developing full mobile APIs for product management and mobile transactions.

To write, develop and market an API, or a mobile application developed for a mobile device specifically, is an extremely popular and growing mobile marketing tool. The brand mobile app is installed permanently on the user’s phone. APIs have been developed with brilliant user interfaces from companies like Amazon, Ebay, Facebook and other social media, and plenty of other consumer ecommerce or retail sites. The downside to this method is choosing which device to write the API for. Any choice – whether the iPhone, Blackberry, Android, etc – is to market to only a fraction of users. Ideally, companies could write an API for all major smartphone devices, but realistically, resources are limited, even for the largest of companies, who may develop two different mobile apps at most. However, the act of downloading an API or mobile app by a consumer is a much more positive act – than simply bookmarking a mobile site.

Why Mobile Internet Marketing is Important

According to BRC/Google Online Retail Monitor, the rate at which mobile web consumers conducted searches for mobile retailers increased 35%. However, according to the same source, actual mobile purchases have slowed, suggesting that bargain hunting, product, service and retailer price comparisons are behind most of this increase. This makes it all the more important for merchants, retailers, marketing and sales departments to develop plans for mobile internet marketing. As the above figures suggest, increased mobile web searches for retail products without equal increase in mobile purchases directly reflects the nature of competition. Those who are not a part of mobile internet marketing at all will be left behind to watch their competitors rake in the profits.

For guidance and strategy planning in mobile internet marketing, contact us today – we’ll use our expertise to help you develop and implement mobile internet marketing that fits your brand.

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