Miraculous Teenage Acne Problems Cure

By: Celia Spiers

Teenage acne problems really can be solved. There are enough things in life for teenagers to cope with at this critical time of the life. When Nature decides to load up the hormones and break out through the face, confidence gets a good shove.
Hormones are the main culprit for this eruption but the more medically correct term for acne would be an inflammation of the pilosebaseous follicles. Everyday language would define it as zits and pimples dotted about especially on the face. It does not last though. A couple of years mostly but for teenagers this may seem like an eternity.
Anyone who experiences these horrible symptoms will probably regard it in later life as the worst of times. The social implications cause a lot of distress and can lead to all sorts of problems like depression, isolation, low self esteem and even considering suicide. Luckily for us though Nature provides a cure for this problem - aloe vera.
The plant was not too easy to find growing in desert climates but our ancestors searched it out and now in our time pharmaceutical procedures have removed the essential power and put it into a pill. They say that the most famous Queen of Egypt, Cleopatra used it to maintain her great beauty. The physicians of the time knew a thing or two about these healing plants and were grateful to the Gods for providing them. Nowadays we like to be analytical and clinical.
There are such a lot of benefits that aloe vera brings in and it can sound a bit like a cure-all. The work that it does begins with the digestive system and this is a particularly effective cure for people with problems like irritable bowel syndrome. It also gives the immune system a good boost.
A great feeling of well being and energy can be measurably felt. These healing nutrients work their way through the deep tissue to the skin making it glow with health. Acne and eczema will gradually disappear. Hair and nail condition will visibly improve as just some of the beneficial side effects. It is quite probable that you have already tried a few over the counter remedies such as creams and lotions with aloe vera as an ingredient.
If they were ineffective it is because aloe vera is degraded considerably by exposure to air (oxidization). The other ingredients in creams and lotions can also reduce its power. So the best way is to swallow it. This must be the Aloe Vera Barbadensis Miller variety. It is classified as food and quite safe so just cut off a 2 inch tip from your plant, wash it and then eat it.
The flavor is not to everyone's taste and some people regard it as absolutely yuk but others find it quite acceptable and this is the most natural way to get it inside your system. Beware of the laxative effect that some people experience. Having the runs on a regular basis is not good for you. Even if the plant suits you perfectly you will need to take some every day to maintain a level and carrying an aloe vera plant around with you may not be too convenient so hunt for the pills. Your teenage acne problems will soon be a thing of the past.

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