Minister loses a joke sh! it's a secret

By: CMAenergy

Every one of the opposition in Canada is complaining about this woman in office. !br>
But what about those who complain are they any better?

Funny how these load mouths spouting off at their anal retentive source, can't seem to realise, were they at fault when they were in power prior to the conservatives? Seems the opposition can't find all the faults they have had when they were there. But now found! Hm!

Why are they complaining? Have they got to hide what was their mistakes. Are they pointing fingers to draw away the thoughts from themselves?

Will their minds go blank?

But think Raitt is not guilty?

What about the opposition when they were in power.

Both of these deficient bovine schizophrenia groups are exactly the same.

They complain about others and these papers being lost, but now found document is also marked a secret.

Hm! Strange, Were both of these parties at one time in possession of these books or documents?

OK, These documents are marked secret. We must ask. Why are they so secret? What do they contain that's so secret no one is supposed to know about the contents?

Does it contain information to cost over runs?
Does it contain information about the defective faults that chalk river and the other plants have had and does it include the pending faults that will be seen and happen in the near future?

What is there information that terrorists could use? We don't think so.
What are they hiding?

Still we ask, If the government is owner of these nuclear plants, Then who's supposed to own the government? Thought it was the public as owners. NOT a dictatorship.
What are they hiding?

Are they hiding something that the public should not know that will stop the installation of nuclear plants? Why are they hiding all of this by making a big fuss?

Continuous bickering. Why? Do they complain to much and have they not got enough work to keep them busy?

May be they should have a wage and pension cut backs, just as they are asking of others!

Are they screaming foul to hide and detract from the UDP meetings, now being held in public?

We all need to wake up and stop the installation of any and all nuclear plants world wide.

Better still, let's be a dissident and call for a complete boycott of property and income tax!

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David Chura is one of very few if not the only known research investigators in the field CMA energy, Dedicated who will stop global warming and learn the "main causes of global warming" Then feel good and learn a the secret how help save our earth.

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