Mini Spa A Home Experience

By: Kevin Pederson

Who does not want healthy radiant glowing skin? Everybody. Visit to the spas, beauty salons, usage of expensive skin care products are quite a common thing in todays time.

Our skin requires dollops of TLC to remain smooth and healthy. We spend tons of money on buying creams, powders, cleansers, toners, ointments, etc, to keep our skin looking and feeling beautiful and healthy. But sometimes these expensive products do more harm than ever.

Turning to using the items in your kitchen for skin care and hair care is the last thing on everyone mind. Nature has given us all the natural inexpensive ingredients within arms reach for a radiant, glowing complexion, but they remain unused most of the time. There is nothing like a mini spa like experience at home with natural ingredients that give us a chance to rejuvenate and revitalize our skin at very less or no cost.

If you are wondering why use home remedy for skin care here are few reasons - they are inexpensive, easily available at all times and one knows the ingredients that go into making skin care recipes.

Simple home remedies for better looking skin

1. Drinking 8 glasses of water daily will keep the skin healthy from inside.

2. Rubbing your skin with baking soda during a shower once a week will remove blackheads and give a smooth silky feel to the skin.

3. Rub raw fresh tomato or its juice on the oily areas of the face to get a glowing complexion

4. Olive oil is good moisturizer for skin and also helps in soothing sunburned skin.

5. Vinegar and water mixed in equal proportion makes an excellent substitute for chemical body deodorants available in the market. They keep away the unpleasant sweat smell at bay.

6. If you are suffering from athletes foot, take vinegar foot baths for a week and get rid of your ailment.

7. If you have dry skin, try mash avocados as a face pack.

8. If you are suffering from eczema, use egg yolk instead of soap as it will heal the damaged skin

9. Egg yolk mixed with honey is an excellent face mask.

Hands show our age, if not cared for. Doing household work with out wearing any protection strips the skin of its natural moisture, Products, which have high pH content and harsh alkaline ingredients can make the hand look and feel rough. Use mild pH soaps and less harsh alkaline products on hands while doing household work. Wear gloves to protect your self from cold weather, heavy gardening or housework.

Simple skin or dry body brushing daily stimulates blood and lymph flow, encourages new cell growth and exfoliates the skin. Start to brush your feet and then up the legs in one direction. Cellulite prone areas like thighs can be brushed in circular motions for about 3-5 minutes. Dry body brushing is best done every morning before a shower, as increased blood flow will wake you up.

Caring for feet at home with natural ingredients is a pleasure. Remove the old nail polish and trim your toenails. Dip your feet in large bucket of warm water filled with Epsom salts. Rinse your feet for 15 minutes and pat dry. Use pumice stone to clear away the rough spots. Push back the cuticles with an orangewood stick. Moisturize the feet with rich moisturizing cream to improve circulation and relieve fatigue. Apply two coats of nail polish preceded by a base coat or just wear socks whole day to keep the feet smooth.

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