Mini Forex Trading - A Smart Start to Forex Trading

By: Bart Icles

Any one planning to invest in the Forex market can start doing so by first opening a mini Forex account before actually getting a standard Forex account. Many people are under the impression that online Forex currency trading involves a large quantity of money. This isn't correct. With a mini Forex account, first-time investors can begin with small amounts ranging from $ 50 to $ 100, where the value of a pip will be $ 1 thus reducing the risk of losing a large sum of money.
In the standard Forex account, a broker may allow a leverage of 200-1 with a deposit amount of $ 1,000 and can trade up to $ 200,000. In terms of losses, a 10 pip loss on a standard trade of $ 100,000 would mean a loss of $ 100, whereas in a mini Forex account would mean a $ 10,000 equals $ 10 only.
Free demo platforms are now being offered online by Forex brokers to let you practice and get familiar with an online Forex trading account for lesser manageable amounts. Beginners will then have the chance and confidence to practice efficiently their trading skills and strategies without having to worry about their losses or balances, and worry about a margin call.
A margin call happens when a Forex broker liquidates all your trades if he believes that your mini Forex account doesn't have sufficient funds to cover your trading. If you're a beginner, the best way to keep a margin call from happening is to trade one pair at a time and use a small percent
of your capital. To further protect your trading account, a beginner should set a stop-loss order should the market prove unfavorable.
Take note that almost 95% of people who trade in Forex end up losing their investments - and these are just the beginners. With too many people who are unfamiliar with what Forex currency really is all about quickly get disappointed, frustrated, and angry when rushing in blindly, hoping to gain a quick and easy profit.
Neophyte Forex currency traders should take advantage of the benefits of having a mini Forex trading account, much like a standard Forex account, to develop and fine tune important skills, strategies, and expertise needed to survive, much less succeed in Forex currency trading. A mini Forex trading account offers a better alternative to small scale investors to get a chance to do actual trading without exposing a huge monetary amount.

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