Mini ERP Software Systems For Small Size Companies

By: Terro Dashner

Are you in search of mini ERP software systems for small size companies? Well, there are many mini ERO software systems for small size companies. We are here to help you narrow down your search. However, before we see more about that, we need to talk little about Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software systems. Enterprise Resource Planning is a complex software system designed to cover all the aspects of your company. This software system runs with a centralized database, where you store all the key data regarding your company or organization. Every company has got various departments working in tandem to get the desired result. When these departments donít exchange data and resources effectively, it can negatively affect the well-being of your company.

So, an accurate and efficient system like Enterprise Resource Planning allows this effective exchange to happen and thatís the reason why every single company opts for an ERP system these days. However, when we take a closer look we can see that Enterprise Resource Planning software is extremely costly and complex and itís made to fulfill the needs of a big company. So, what if you have a small size company? Do you really need Enterprise Resource Planning if you have a small business? Well, letís address all these things in the next paragraph.

Mini ERP software systems for small size companies are there in the market. When it comes to mini ERP software systems for small size companies, there are couple of things you need to know. First and foremost, you ask yourself whether you need to use Enterprise Resource Planning software to manage your business. If itís a really small organization, you may not be required to go for one. In case if you have plans to grow your business in the future, itís a great idea to go for this. So, you donít have to worry about buying a very costly Enterprise Resource Planning software system with a complex structure to manage your business. There are many systems out there designed to take care of only basic things and these are best suited for small companies.

Letís flip through few of the important mini Enterprise Resource Planning software below. Everest software is the first one comes to our mind. They have three different versions including one advanced version. Take a look at the different versions and decide which one is best suited for your business. Microsoft Dynamics is the second Enterprise Resource Planning software that comes to our mind. Since Microsoft has designed it, you can expect this to be highly useful. They offer customer relationship management as well when you opt for this. This system has been designed to fulfill all the basic requirements of a small company.

And if you are not satisfied with Microsoft Dynamics, we suggest you to try NetSuite. Itís a web-based ERP system and for the same you donít have to worry about the deployment. You donít have to worry about allocating a separate server to run the software. The need for hardware and software deployment is avoided in NetSuite. Since itís a web based system you can access it from anywhere when you have internet. NetSuite also offers consulting and you should totally go for this one.

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