Mercury Thermometer Hazardous To a Great Extent!!

By: Christopher M Gordon

Imagine you are ill, got fever and you step up and walk up to your first aid kit, take out your lovely looking mercury thermometer, sterilise it and then insert it in your mouth; after a few minutes you take it out and read the temperature it indicate, ‘yes I have fever and it is quite high (you say this to yourself in your head)’ while walking up to the sink, you then jerk the thermometer a couple of times, but soon realise that your jerks broke the thermometer and your sink gets painted with mercury (in an abstract way of course).

Say, if you don’t know much about the harmful effects and properties of mercury then you would simply neglect the whole incident and let the tap water flush the whole thing down, but if you know about it all, then; this whole incident would definitely increase your temperature, a few more degrees.

Mercury toxicity can lead to health hazards; it is a poisonous element which should be avoided in all ways possible. The worst problem is caused by the organic mercury compounds, although in most ways, we (humans) are the culprits. The organic mercury compounds reach our digestive system via the food chain and it all begins with fish. The inorganic mercury compounds comes from the factories and industries, which contaminates the water sources and then enters the fish, when we consume fish it enters our system.

Now, if you love your fish, then you must be thinking that, cooking your fish well removes all harmful things (in layman’s words) and poisonous elements. If you are thinking on the same lines then you are wrong. Cooking you fish well, using methods that deep fry, boiling, baking or roasting will definitely make it bacteria and virus free but not mercury free.

If you are not a fish eater then there is news for you too, mercury is used in many fungicides that is, in the agricultural industry, it is used in skin lightening products, paints and what not. For centuries together, mercury played an important role in our (human species) lives; it was widely used for the manufacture of many medicines that includes antibacterial agents, diuretics, laxatives, antiseptics, and diuretics. It was an essential compound; it is used in factories that make batteries, barometers and thermometers.

If you know Alice (the fictional character) who has her share of adventure in the wonderland; then you must be familiar with the mad hatter as well. Now, do you know, where did the phrase “mad as a hatter” came from? It was coined due to the condition of the hatters in the hat making industry who were exposed to mercury during their work (metal was used in manufacturing hats in the 1800’s)

The symptoms of mercury poisoning can range from peripheral neuropathy, skin discoloration, shedding or peeling of skin, hypotonia, kidney dysfunction; neuropsychiatric symptoms like memory impairment, emotional incontinence and insomnia.

However the good news is that, once the harmful effects of mercury came in light, major mercury mines were shut down, but there are things yet to do, if you are still using your mercury thermometer then replace it with a digital or electronic thermometer. Also get rid of anything to do with mercury and stay safe. You can now buy superior grade, electronic thermometers that give accurate readings sitting in the comfort of your home and that too at highly affordable prices, visit the online shop of Digital and help the world be a better place to live in (free of mercury of course!! :)).

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Christopher M Gordon writes about the improvised gadgets and their benefits in our day to day lives. He here write how, electronic thermometers are better than the old mercury thermometers.

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