Merchant Prince Lockbox RNG Test and Review for Neverwinter

By: Polly

Today we continue our RNG tests and reviews of lockboxes by looking at the Merchant Prince Lockbox. I have performed similar tests for the Lockbox of the Nine and the Many-Starred Lockbox. Just click through in case you’re interested in those numbers.if you neeed the safe and cheap neverwinter astral diamond ,you can get it from Safewow.

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The current lockbox is live on PC since the Tomb of Annihilation update and for users this is a great resource in terms of what to expect from it. The lockbox not only features multiple upgrades to the rewards, but also to drop rates of blue packs. So without further ado, here are the numbers, which I have also incorporated in our RNG toolbox.
One of the more innovative features of Neverwinter’s latest module “Tomb of Annihilation” is Hunting in Soshenstar River. But as cool as it might be, players are also having trouble understanding how it exactly works. Some already struggle to complete the introductory “A Little Research” quest, and it’s even harder to figure out all the mobs that drop Trophies and where to place lures. That’s why we start going through the feature in-depth today and will deliver all the resources you need for your Hunting experience. Also make sure to check out our post, which describes the feature in general.

Mobs that don’t have a chance to spawn a rare version or are otherwise unrelated to Hunting are Thayans, Bears, Lions, Velociraptors, Compys, Tarantulas and Allosaurs.

The following map shows the locations where rare mobs have a chance to spawn. If you’re looking for a specific Trophy, you’ll have to cycle the map, kill the regular mobs and hope that a rare one eventually appears.

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Never forget 6% discount code FM8OFF to buy cheaper neverwinter astral diamonds ps4/xboxone/pc on .

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