Memory Foam Mattress: Sleep With the Stars

By: Fabian Toulouse

The back is the most stress-prone part of the human body. As evolution is seldom an exercise in perfection, the same back that allows us to walk upright, is poorly designed to rebuff the encroachments of anxiety and stress. Aside from deep-tissue massages, the next-best tool to decrease muscular and joint pain in the back is a memory foam mattress. Also known as a contour mattress, this revolutionary material was designed to support the entire body.

Memory foam itself was first created by NASA, sometime in the 1970s, as part of their research into optimizing comfort and support for space-bound astronauts. Known as temper foam, the engineers at NASA were contracted to likewise figure out ways of improving seat cushioning and crash protection for commercial airline pilots and passengers. This foam spanned the gambit of commercial applications.

The foam is made from a "open-celled" material (known as polyurethane-silicon plastic). It is durable and resilient, capable of "giving" to conform to the contour of a person's particular shape and weight. Using the temper foam, all the major points of the body can be supported, including the feet, shoulders, and small of the back. With a ordinary mattress, the body suffers from an asymmetric support distribution, putting inordinate stress on joints, especially the shoulder girdle and lower back.

A remarkable quality of the foam is its capacity to "remember" the contours of a user. It fully supports the spine, encouraging its natural curvature. It is a helpful remedy for people suffering from chronic back pain or herniated discs. Memory foam has now been incorporated in an array of furniture pieces.

Some companies have gone so far as to integrate temper foam into prosthetic limbs to ease the friction between the piece and the joint. Furthermore, it can be processed to look and feel like human skin. The uses of temper foam are varied, but for those who suffer from back pain and stress, nothing is as soothing and restful as using a memory foam mattress.

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