Memories from Your Childhood

By: Mark K. Harris

Your childhood days are the best days of your life. This is the time in your life where you have the most fun and make the most friends. It is also a time during which everything new is experienced for the first time. Your childhood can become even more memorable if you have a sibling to share it with. A brother or sister can be the best friend you have during this period in your life. Every experience you share with them becomes a memorable one that stays with you till the end. Some experiences in particular are the hardest to forget.

Fight Club

Who could forget the fights they had with their sibling when they were young, the bruises bring me back. It used to be over the most ridiculous of things too, such as who gets to ride shotgun. An adult lion learns his combat skills in his infancy, while playfully fighting with his siblings. In the same way, fights that take place between siblings teach them to tackle bullies in the future. A sibling can also back you up in fights when the situation calls for it. Itís like they say, ďUnited we stand, divided we fallĒ.

Where One Forgets Another Remembers

Even today my elder sister reminds me of events in our childhood that even my parents seem to have forgotten. Itís like having a separate memory bank; if one gets wiped out you still have a back up. It helps keep the memories alive. These memories are especially good to reminisce when youíre going through trying times. It helps that you have someone who was with you during a happier time to remind you of them. After all, one remembers the beginning towards the end.

The Top Bunkís mine

We all remember saying this exact same sentence when we moved into a new home. Sharing a bunk bed with your sibling is perhaps the most important memory of all. Siblings who sleep in different rooms do not come close to sharing the bond that exists between siblings who share one. Sharing a bunk bed provides a sense of security for the sibling that is more prone to night terrors. I canít remember the number of times my sister woke me up from my beauty sleep, simply because someone had died in the neighborhood during the day. I too have woken her up during the middle of the night, plagued by nightmares caused due to horror films she forced me to watch.

Sharing your childhood with your sibling can seem trying at times, but when all is said and done, you sure are glad you had them. These experiences will stay with you until you relive them through your children. When you watch your children go through the same experiences you did with your sibling, you are reminded of the bond you shared with them. This can help you in understanding your children better and make you a better parent. As I take my leave, a word of warning to the wise, the bottom bunk can provide you with an easy access to the door for those among you who like to sneak out during the night or have a weak bladder.

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