Melbourne’s State-Of-The-Art Piano Shop That Deals with Restoration

By: Nick S Williams

Need to get in touch with a reliable piano dealer in Melbourne to either purchase or to find out about some of the rare pianos, which have been restored to their glory days? If yes, then simply get in touch with Austral Piano World – one among the notable piano shops in Australia. If you want to see some intricate craftworks and to see some restored antique perplexing musical beauty, then Austral Piano World is the place to be in.

By now, you must be thinking ‘what is the difference between restoring a piano and repairing a piano?’ this is a question that pops up many times. Repairing is a service carried out when an instrument, machine or an equipment (here piano) breaks down and the problem is solved by working on that particular problem area. All instruments (even the brand new ones if damaged) can undergo repairs and all local piano shops and technicians can do away with repairing. However, restoration is another story; the instruments that are considered to be classic and are of considerable importance are attempted to be restored to their original condition. When we talk about restoration, it does not mean that we are emitting the process of repairing altogether. Repairing is a part of the restoration process.

There was a time when owning a piano was considered to reflect the family’s status quo. However, by the end of the world wars, the Piano lost its place and was later replaced by other electronic gadgets like the television, Personal computer and other such sources of entertainment. This is mostly to do with the extravagant price value. The pianos manufactured these days are nowhere close to the ones that were manufactured a hundred years back. This is the reason why, Piano technicians are trying to restore these valuable masterpieces. Various companies (worldwide) are manufacturing the inexpensive versions of the piano using materials that make them perish easily. The hard labour that goes into each piano hundred years back, shouldn’t simply waste away and this is the reason why families who have owned a piano for years and have seen their grandparents play the instrument are now trying to restore their pride.

If you are in Australia and if you own such a vintage piece of artistry, don’t let your piano, that was once the dignity of your family; waste away beneath all that rust and dust. Leave it to the professionals at Austral Piano World to restore your piano’s condition and bring back it’s hay days. Austral Piano World is one among the leading piano dealers in Melbourne, taking pride in their restoration work.

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Nick Williams writes about the music scene around the world. Here, he writes about Austral Piano World, a piano shop in Australia that provides various types of branded pianos and takes up restoration work.

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