Melbourne Wedding Photographer - How Do You Find the Best One?

By: Julia Bennet

In planning your wedding, among the important decisions that you need to make is finding the best wedding photographer. If you’re in Melbourne, Australia, you can find them in many magazines and online Melbourne wedding photography shops. Friends and family will give you referrals and so much advice, and you get so many options in choosing the Melbourne wedding photographer who you would want to take your pictures during your great moment. He or she should be able to capture the most beautiful moment that you would love to always view and remember forever.

Choosing a Melbourne wedding photographer involves 3 essential elements:

• Looking at the past images taken by the photographer,
• Determining whether you are comfortable with the photographer even at first meeting, and
• Determining your Melbourne wedding photography budget.

When you are given an advice to look at the past work of a photographer, you may find it too obvious, but it will give you an idea of the photographer’s style, sensibility and consistency. This will help you make a decision on whether you would want to hire him or not for your wedding. His previous images should move you; you should like the presentation. You can ask other people for their opinions, but the important thing is that you follow your own. It is your heart that you should obey.

In Melbourne wedding photography, what will be covered will be the great aspects of your day. You will be with your photographer from the beginning, when you are getting dressed, during the wedding ceremony, at the reception, and everything that you do there. He should be able to capture the most intimate and special moments of your life. This is the reason why you should be at ease and comfortable around your Melbourne wedding photographer. You will feel that you like him and you are warm to him at the first minute of your meeting. If you find it difficult to meet with your potential photographer in person, you can set aside a time to make a long call by phone or Skype. Ask him all your questions and tell him what your desires are.

Your Melbourne wedding photography budget is also as important as the first 2 elements. It is difficult to compare the pricing of one photographer to another, because their prices vary as their images vary. But the good news is that in Melbourne, Australia, there are lots of good Melbourne wedding photographers who can fit every budget. It is the consistency and quality of the images that should be considered. A wedding album to be special should be liked for the beautiful photographs that you can display and share with everyone close to your heart.

Finally, choose a wedding photographer as if you are choosing a mate – he must move you and must speak your language. He must be someone who you can be comfortable with when you speak with him, and you can express what you like and do not like. He must be someone who your instincts say “Yes”.

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