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Melatonin is a natural hormone found in the body. The medicinal content is made synthetically in medical laboratories.

Functions of Melatonin

Melatonin helps treat sleep disorders especially in blind people. To a certain extent it may also treat sleeping disorders like insomnia in people.
Children who suffer from autism may also be treated with Melatonin to prevent sleep problems.
Patients who have mental retardation or similar conditions are also given Melatonin to increase sleep.
Melatonin is useful in treating depression related sleep disorders.
It is considered useful in the treatment of jet lag in travelers.
Melatonin is said to improve the ability of cancer medicines to fight cancer cells in the body. It is especially useful in the treatment of tumors in the breast, lung, kidney, liver, pancreas, stomach and colon. On the whole, melatonin is useful in fighting several different kinds of cancers.
Melatonin can also be used to treat cluster headaches in people.
If used as a cream, it can help reduce the effect of sunburn before a day out in the sun.
Melatonin is considered effective in helping people readjust their sleep schedules due to job shifts. However it may not work for everyone.
It is also useful in preventing the “ringing in the ear” sensation.
Melatonin is useful in preventing osteoporosis in older patients.
It is also useful in the treatment of epilepsy.
It may be used as a birth control measure, to prevent aging etc.
It helps prevent degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease to a large extent.
It helps coordinate the body’s physiological rhythms.
It acts as a natural powerful antioxidant.
It helps protect the brain from toxins.
It can help treat problems like agitation, irritation and fatigue to a large extent.
It can help maintain the average blood pressure in the body if had regularly.
Melatonin can also help prevent migraine attacks in adults.
Tips and Warnings

Melatonin is considered safe for all adults when taken orally or applied topically.
Children in their growing years should avoid Melatonin because it may interfere with the natural development of the body due to hormonal changes.
However, it may cause some side effects in people like headaches, feelings of depression, changes in moods, sleepiness during the day, dizziness, cramps, irritability.
It is advisable not to use heavy machinery or to undertake activities that require concentration for few hours after taking Melatonin.
If you are pregnant or nursing a new born baby it is safer to avoid Melatonin. Melatonin affects the child in its growing years.
People with high blood pressure should avoid use of Melatonin.
If you suffer from seizures it is safer to avoid taking Melatonin.
If you suffer from diabetes, Melatonin may lead to more complications.
People who suffer from mood or mental problems like depression should avoid Melatonin.

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