Meditation: Your Doorway to the World of Paranormal Powers

By: Mindy Ronaldson

Learn how to use the law of attraction. Get help in developing intuition. Learn telepathy. Send messages and receive answers through mental telepathy. Learn remote viewing. Get assistance in developing psychic powers. Experience out of the body experiences using astral projection techniques. This may sound as if you are reading another Harry Potter novel, full of magic and mysteries. However, they are not fantasies of a writer. These kinds of powers exist in a world parallel to the one we are living in. The only reason why we cannot access these powers is because we do not trust that such things exist. Moreover, we do not even have time to check these things.
However, there have been several cases where you see things in your dreams that actually happen later. Sometimes you feel very uneasy and call home to know that something unwanted has occurred. These are all due to the subconscious power of the human mind that can travel anywhere and anytime beyond the limits of the body. However, being practical, most of the people in the scientific society dismiss such events as coincidences. On the other hand, there are people who want to know the relation between the mind and these paranormal events. Many of them have dedicated their entire life to such research on paranormal activities, for example to achieve astral projection, to master the law of attraction, to learn telepathy, and to learn remote viewing techniques.
Have you not ever experienced some terrible uneasiness when you were at office and the person you care for was in deep trouble? Did you never dream of anything that came true later? Did it never happen to you that you felt that something is going to happen and it actually happens? The scientific society may rubbish it saying it is just a coincidence. As there is no proof on paper and nothing was captured on camera so we do not believe it. Science says seeing is believing. However, you need to prepare yourself to see it so that you can believe it.
These paranormal sciences are not accepted by public at large, as there is no logical explanation for all this. However, you will agree that hypnotism too was not accepted as until a few years back. Now they use hypnotism to treat several mental diseased or to know something about an incident that changed a person's lifestyle. Even the science of hypnotism is now used to help people get major changes in their lifestyles.
To begin, you need to learn meditation. You can join some meditation classes that will help you control your thoughts. Once you are able to control and pacify the thoughts, you can talk to the mind and use techniques to awaken the special powers that a normal person cannot even think of possessing. The only three factors required are: Belief, Meditation, and Practice.

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