Medieval Clothes Symbolize the Social and Ethical Implications of Medieval Era

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Medieval clothes are more than just simple clothing; they are a history in themselves. These are the clothes that modernize medieval era. In Ren Fair and Medieval parties, this type of clothing leaves a long lasting impression and makes the wearer centre of attraction. These are the clothes that symbolize the economical, social and ethical implications of Medieval Era. However, these clothes do not follow any consistent style, but are available in an assortment of exciting colors and styles as well.

Whether it is Jane Dress for women or Musketeer Tabbard for men, medieval clothes keep you fascinated. This all is the magic of that age, people still remain enthralled the charm of medieval clothes. These clothes are still the favourite for Ren faire and medieval parties, theme marriages, exhibitions and birthday parties. One of the interesting facts about these clothes is that, you can see the use of medieval clothes in numerous historical Hollywood movies.

Medieval clothes came into lifestyle in AD 476 after the plummet of Western Roman Empire and last until around the 1500ís. Fabrics used in the clothes also showed the social status of the wearers. In the medieval age, kings, queens, highly designated and rich people used to wear the clothes of rich fabrics like silk and fur; while normal people used to wear the clothes made of light wool and cotton. In other words, normal people used to wear a linen shirt because it was the dress of the working people; while the rich people used to wear the long and dragging clothes. In addition to linen shirts, long and dragging clothes, tunics, trousers, undershirts, briefs covered by a sleeveless jacket and breeches were widely used.

In the medieval era, the queens and rich women wore very elaborate gowns that were the tubes of fabrics fastened together at the shoulders. However, Brooches were very popular as they were used to fasten the gown at the shoulder. Surcoats were also very popular among the women. These were sleeveless and used to cover the gown. Apart from, these medieval clothes, shawls made from wool were also used widely.

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