Medical Tourism In Philippines

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An exotic island nation in Southeast Asia, Philippines has already been stamped as one of the hot tourist destinations in the world. However, ever since the embracement of medical tourism there has been a significant rise in the medical tourism industry as well. With its top notch hospitals and low cost of treatment Philippines has become a favored choice of destination for people seeking quality health care in a foreign land. In 2000 the WHO ranked Philippines in the 60th position in the world for its health care system. According to the US Medical Tourism Association the medical tourism sector grew 8.0% in the year 2007. In the year 2009 more than half a million tourists worldwide opted for Philippines for their medical treatments.

Medical Treatments Available in Philippines

Philippines have more than two thousand hospitals and a range of specialist clinics. Cosmetic plastic surgery is one of the foremost medical procedure for which Philippines is especially known. The surgery is inclusive of such medical procedures as rhinoplasty, tummy tuck, face-lift, breast augmentation, liposuction, blepharoplasty etc. In addition neurology and spine surgery are some of the other medical treatments available in Philippines.

The doctors and medical staff are highly skilled. They are trained and qualified and come from places like United States, Australia, Japan, and United Kingdom etc. Most of them have done their post graduation and their training from reputed institutions around the world. From time to time doctors visit various seminars to acquaint themselves with the latest techniques in medical procedures especially cosmetic surgery.

Cost of Treatment in Philippines

For most medical procedures in Philippines, you can expect to save 75% as compared to the cost of medical treatment in US. Facelift surgery or rhytidectomy in America cost something between $10,000 to $30,000 while in Philippines it is charged somewhere between $1,000 to $4,000. In America Laminoplastyis costs a whooping $122,000 however, in Philippines, the same treatment is charged $9,000. An eyelid surgery by a qualified surgeon will be charged $2,5000 in the U.S while the same surgery can be done at $600 to $1,500 in Philippines. In Philippines even the anesthesiologistís fees are comparatively lower.

Medical Tourism Destination in Philippines

The popular destinations for medical tourism in Philippines are Manila, Davao, Ouezon and Luzon. Most of the hospitals in Manila are technologically advanced and they offer medical care of supreme quality. Two of the most distinguished hospitals in Manila are St. Luke Hospital and Makati Medical Center. The amenities available in the private hospitals in Philippines are almost at par with the American hospitals. Most of the hospitals in Philippines provide international standard of care.

Philippines is home to many beautiful beaches and tropical rainforest. For recuperation medical tourist can opt to stay at seaside hotels. The people in Philippine are known for their warm, friendly and welcoming nature, which makes your stay more comfortable. The Filipino cuisine is a blend of western and eastern culture, which makes it a world cuisine, so tourists can enjoy the food wholeheartedly. Post your treatment you can enjoy the Philippine style spa treatment in resorts and clubs. One can enjoy the exotic island by taking eco tours, adventures tours and cultural tours of Philippines.

Things to Remember

Language will not come as a barrier as the medical staffs can speak fluent English. The On-Arrival visa is for 21 days for the visitors, but for longer stay you need to apply it before hand and the process is easy when you have an advance booking for treatment. You can obtain a visa, which has three months validity, six months validity or one-year validity. The currency used in Philippines is the peso.

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