Medical Perspective on 矯正歯科 Teeth

By: MildredLee

Varieties of Oral Disorder

Based on the location of misplaced teeth there are several kind of 矯正歯科. Problems that mentioned hereafter are some common types among them. (i) Cross bite – line of the teeth of lower jaw is bitten by one or more upper teeth. (ii) Open bite – Maxilla (upper jaw) and Mandible (lower jaw) couldn’t close the oral cavity properly because void space forms between the set of frontal teeth. (iii) Over bite – frontal teeth of mandible couldn’t get the contact of the frontal teeth of maxilla because maxilla obtrudes further from mandible. (iv)Under bite – this disorder is the opposite case of over bite where maxilla obtrudes past the mandible.

Cure for Orthodentist Teeth

To focus on the disorder teeth is the common method for the cure of Orthodentist teeth though orthodontist works on the controlled growth of facial bones. Here we get two major types of Orthodentist treatment. (i) Orthodentist Method (ii) Non-Orthodentist Method (cosmetic method). Though Orthodentist method is slower than the second cosmetic method but it is the true cure for 矯正歯科 teeth. Besides cosmetic surgery is the fastest way though it doesn’t truly cure the disorder rather surgically hide the flaw only. This is why 矯正歯科 suggest their patients to take Orthodentist treatment as it is healthier.

Varity of Dental Braces

The most conventional appliance for 矯正歯科 treatment is Metal-wired braces. These are made of stainless steel and normally mounted into Orthodentist brackets. Regular metal braces require ties to hold the arch-wire onto the disordered teeth but in coming days self-tying brackets are used and become quite popular. There are more kinds of braces like: (i) Plastic/ceramic braces – available in same color as the natural color of teeth thus makes the presence of brace hidden. However, compared to the metal ones this kind of braces are brittle and produce more friction. (ii) Lingual braces – These are ‘custom made’ type and generally connected onto the rare side of teeth which makes it invisible from the outside. It may use for the 裏側矯正 as well. (iii) Gold-plated stainless steel braces – those who are allergic to nickel are suggested to use this kind of braces. (iv) Titanium braces – Despite of being expensive, this type of braces are much more durable and lighter than stainless steel.

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Various Instrument of Orthodentist Treatment It is said before that, 矯正歯科 may deal with the controlled facial growth. On the other hand head gears also works as conjunctional Orthodentist instrument for the dental braces. There are mainly two types of head gears such as: (i) Orthodentist head gears – used for over bites problem. 歯 矯正 It restrains frontal growth of maxilla by pushing it backward direction.

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