Medical Malpractice Important to Many

By: Paul Justice

Medical malpractice insurance is something that every doctor should have. There are many reasons why every doctor should have it. The most important reason is because a doctor, like anyone, can make a mistake. Another thing to keep in mind is how complicated and vulnerable the human body is. Also, most hospitals require their doctors to have malpractice insurance any way.

A doctor needs medical malpractice insurance for when mistakes happen. People make mistakes all the time. It is only natural. Even the smallest mistake can be terrible. If a doctor inverts some numbers on a chart, then a patient could get hurt by getting the wrong amounts of medicine. Doctors are in fact maybe more prone to make mistakes than other people. They are over worked and very stressed. Those things make people make more mistakes. A doctor's mistakes just affect more lives than that of a pizza delivery person for instance. Medical malpractice insurance can at least help a doctor to not lose his or her license due to a simple accident.

It is essential for all doctors to have medical malpractice insurance because mistakes can happen. There are countless ways in which the human body can deceive doctors. If there is a problem with even a tiny vein, then terrible things can happen. The plaque around a small vein can build up and break off. If this happens it can get caught in one of these tiny veins and cause a stroke. Then a doctor would have to find that clot amongst all of the other millions of other tiny veins in the body. It is a doctor’s job to figure out what is going wrong before something bad happens. Sometimes time runs out though. The human body is extremely complicated and can have the same symptoms for a number of problems. If a doctor treats for the wrong problem, then even worse things can happen. The human body is after all not a machine that comes with a manual. There are still many grey areas. Medical malpractice insurance though can at least help the doctor for when these things happen.

Medical malpractice insurance is so important that most hospitals require that their employees have it. It is a completely understandable and logical thing to have so in general all doctors have it. In a way it is completely comparable to car insurance. Everyone who has a car has to have car insurance because it is very easy for a car to break down or get in an accident. The human body is the same way and so people who can have medical insurance. Terrible things can happen to a hospital if their doctor’s do not medical malpractice insurance.

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