Medical Malpractice Bronx, Issues Brought Back to Life

By: Paul Justice

Issues associated with medical malpractice in the Bronx include insurance companies, unqualified medical professionals, the healthcare system, and pharmaceutical companies. Obviously its take a collective force to commit and act of medical malpractice in the Bronx, but it can also only take one individual. Medical malpractice is the act of a medical professional or a medical institution giving medical treatment to a patient that results further harm to the patient. This includes errors in surgery, misdiagnosis, bad treatment plans, and even neglect. There are so many ways that one can become victim to medical malpractice due to the very nature of the topic. However this is exactly why nurses and especially doctors go through so much rigorous education and training so that they will not make these mistakes. However, far too often do they happen whether it is due to pure inexperience, lack of focus, lack of knowledge, or even sleep deprivation. Typically residents work 80-hour workweeks and tend to be quite tired and fatigued from the long hours. A residentís term ranges from 4-7 years in which they have full hands on experience dealing with patients in the emergency room and other parts of the hospital. Many acts of medical malpractice in the Bronx from residents being over tired and not paying attention to what they are doing. This can prove to be a problem as more resident fill the hospitals because they are paid less than other doctors. Do you want to put your life in the hands of a resident has just worked 70 hours straight?

Medical malpractice in the Bronx has always been an issue, but as the economy has taken a turn for the worse people cannot afford to pay those extra expensive medical bills. It is here in this time where we need to find a viable solution to putting medical malpractice in the Bronx into remission. Now that the rate of medical insurance is so high people cannot literally afford it so they are forced to go to governmental programs that do not offer the best help. In order to decrease the rate of medical malpractice in the Bronx, medical professionals need to realize that their actions are directly affecting the lives of millions and millions of people. There is no reason to try to treat patients when you are too tired to give 110%. The economy has proven to show how people can truly and utterly not afford proper medical insurance. The elderly, young adults, and less off people are more apt to not be able to afford medical insurance when they are the ones who will most likely need it. If you or a loved one has found yourself victim to an act of medical malpractice, contact a medical malpractice Bronx lawyer as soon as possible. They will be able to assess your situation and determine the proper steps needed to ensure that you gain justice. Medical malpractice has become an epidemic around the world and must be put to an end in order to turn this economy around.

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