Medical Freezers - Blood Refrigerator Can Save Life

By: Todd Dawson

As the name suggests, blood bank refrigerator is used to preserve blood for hospitals. It is a very valuable laboratory equipment, since it preserves the blood in the state it should be, ready to be used when the need arises. These kinds of refrigerators are used by blood banks, hospitals, research centers, and clinical laboratories all over the world for the collection and processing of blood, especially the human blood, which makes them indispensable for the functioning of these organizations.
There are four main categories of blood bank equipment and all of them are widely used. These categories are collection, storage, testing, and blood bank accessories. Blood Bank Refrigerators are also used for storing certain vaccines and biological products which require very cool ambient. This is a very high quality laboratory equipment, properly insulated from all sides in order to sustain the cold temperature inside. Different blood components have varying shelf life, so it needs to be properly preserved.
Adding glycerol before freezing is one way of storing blood, but it is quite costly and it requires extremely cold freezer for safe storage. The short shelf life of other blood components makes maintaining sufficient stocks to be available for use in case of a disaster very difficult and many centers in the US often have a hard time even keeping more than three days of supplies on hand in their blood bank refrigerator for routine needs. Considering that ordinary refrigerators are simply not good enough for preserving these valuable supplies, specialized refrigerators are necessary. A plasma freezer or refrigerator for blood products may be in nearly any size and offer a widely varying storage capacity.
The features of these refrigerators are recirculating air cooling, automatic defrosting and a warning system, often including electronic monitoring, switching and automatic warnings of faults or failure in the operation of the unit. This kind of warning is necessary to preserve the integrity of the stored items. Blood bank refrigerators are designed to be extremely durable and require a bare minimum of maintenance, given their vital importance to health care operations in the facilities which use them and the extremely perishable nature of their contents.
These refrigerators are designed to maintain a consistent temperature adequate for the safe storage of these materials, featuring the ability to quickly return to the proper temperature even in facilities where the door of the blood bank refrigerator or freezer is frequently opened. Blood bank refrigerators usually offer a relatively large storage capacity, though this may vary according to the needs and available space of the facility in question. The larger models of refrigerator or plasma freezer may be able to store as many as fifty bags of 450 ml in size. Proper blood storing can be a life saver literally, since it can be used the moment it is necessary, so these specialized refrigeration units equipment must be chosen with care to ensure the stability of these vital medical supplies.

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